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Danielle Cohn’s boyfriend Mikey Tua drops his first single Hello

Danielle Cohn’s BF Mikey Tua drops first single Hello

Danielle Cohn is not just a TikToker, or a YouTuber. She is also a singer and she has released many songs by now. Her boyfriend Mikey Tua, on the other hand, never had a single of his own. However, he has appeared in many collaborations till now.

Mikey Tua has been working on his first song for months and he shared a teaser on his social media on April 1, 2020.

The official music video for Mikey Tua’s Hello is out now and it is pretty good considering it is his first song. Hello is about Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua’s love for her. Though Danielle has not shown her full face in the video. However, you can guess it’s her.

The song as well as music video was also promoted by Mikey Tua’s mother Katie Tua, even though she is not in favor of their relationship. On the other hand, seems like Jojo Tua, Mikey’s brother, has accepted Dani since Jojo was one of the guests at Mikey Tua’s Hello release surprise party, hosted by Danielle Cohn.

In the song Hello, Mikey Tua also highlights how he “comes with a baggage” but Danielle has got none. We hope everything gets resolved in their personal life soon and there are no issues left.

Enjoy the song and expect another one dropping soon since it was confirmed by Mikey Tua in IG stories.