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Charlie Puth Wrote A Song With Elton John!

Charlie Puth Wrote A Song With Elton John!

Charlie Puth had been teasing us for some time, but it's official now. He has written a song with the living legend himself, Sir Elton John!

Not a day goes by when we wake up on Earth without thanking the higher power for Elton John. His voice and music, both have aged like fine wine. And when we heard the news that he wrote a collab with Charlie Puth, we jumped off our seats! Puth had been teasing everyone for a few weeks now, but it’s finally official!

Charlie Puth and Elton John pen a new song!

We were waiting eagerly for their collab and it’s finally here. It all started back in April when Puth mentioned that he had a call with the great Sir Elton John. The two of them talked about how it is important to record and release songs, without thinking if they’re good or not:

And then, after weeks of teasing, he finally revealed that the two were making a collab! Puth appeared on Capital Breakfast with host Roman Kemp and said:

I can’t say who he is, but I will say, I’m writing a record before Elton John goes back to England, we’re going to try and get something done, so that’s something, he’s also something insanely massive. That should’ve just been my answer.

That was huge news for fans of both these artists around the world. But, it was made even sweeter as Charlie Puth announced on his Instagram account that he wrote something very special with Sir Elton John!

However, we don’t know when will the fans get to hear it. But if they wrote something special, then it means we may expect an album any time in the coming weeks. And honestly, it’s something fans would cherish in tough times like these. Music has a great way to communicate love and hope among the people. And that’s just what the fans need right now. Considering the amount of talent that flows through Elton John and Charlie Puth, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a special song!