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Catherine McBroom launches solo YouTube channel, outside of ACE Family! What’s cooking?

It turns out that Catherine McBroom has launched her own solo YouTube channel. Is she distancing herself from the ACE Family and Austin McBroom?

As we all know, the ACE Family has been engulfed in a series of controversies since the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event. First, their company Social Gloves was criticized for not compensating the fighters at the event. Then, there were leaks of multiple lawsuits against the family, amounting to more than $65,000. Afterward, Austin McBroom came out and blamed boxing event partner LiveXLive for not paying the fighters. However, the streaming platform then counter-sued McBroom and Social Gloves for more than $100 million! Amid this series of controversies, Catherine McBroom has decided to make her separate solo YouTube channel. What does this indicate?

As part of the ACE Family, Austin and Catherine McBroom have documented their entire lives on their YouTube channel for years. In doing so, they’ve gained over 19 million subscribers as they show a glance into their lives with their vlogs. However, Catherine has also been a part of some personal financial controversies. For instance, her skincare brand Gateway 1212 has also faced a lawsuit.

However, this hasn’t stopped Catherine from furthering her YouTube adventures. Now, the influencer has decided to launch her solo YouTube channel. The channel will be focused on makeup, skincare, spirituality, sleep paralysis, clothing styles, numerology, pregnancy, and a lot more, and she announced on Snapchat, saying:

There’s just so much life going on, in everyone’s world. Just so much going on. And I wish I could just… I’m just gonna spit it out. Catherine is starting her own channel.

However, the main question is why is Catherine making a bold decision like this, separate from The ACE Family.

Why has Catherine made a solo YouTube channel right now?

So, the timing of this channel launch is what raises some eyebrows. Amid this massive controversy, why is she making such a decision? Is she doing it to distance herself from the ACE Family? Or is she doing it to earn more money at a time when the legal lawsuits against the family are at an all-time high?

We don’t know the answers to these for sure. However, there have been some relationship troubles in the past too. Could everything that happened within the family have culminated in Catherine parting her ways with the family? We may realize this eventually when she uploads a new video from her new YouTube channel.