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Bryce Hall Is Going To Be Fighting the Island Boys

It seems that Bryce Hall will be back in the boxing ring again. He has been feuding with Island Boys for weeks after poking fun at them. In a group call set up by Drama Alert, the TikToker challenged the twins to a boxing match. Now he claims that the match might be closer to becoming a reality. However, he would only fight them for the right price.

Bryce Hall

Last month, the Island Boys made a dramatic exit from the ImPaulsive podcast.

During an episode of the ImPaulsive podcast, Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko were shocked. When they invited the Island Boys for an interview, the twins took offense to a question. After getting into a spat with the podcast hosts, they stormed off the sets. At one point, one of the twins claimed that they were thugging. This sparked the attention of Bryce Hall, who poked fun at them in the comment section of their TikTok video. In response to this, the Island Boys made a video detailing their ‘achievements’. This included getting a tattoo at the age of 12 and dropping out of school at 13. After that, Bryce Hall replied:

“I didn’t realize I was messing with the gangstas. thuggin’ brotha!”

Bryce Hall

After that, Bryce Hall and Island Boys continued the drama on a call set up by Drama Alert.

Although Bryce Hall and Island Boys were already feuding on TikTok, things got a step ahead when Drama Alert decided to set up a group call. During the call, Island Boys waved a gun at the TikToker who had previously made fun of them by calling them gangsters. In the call, Island Boys said:

“Fly to Fort Lauderdale airport and we’ll show you what real gangsters do.”

Bryce Hall

In response to that, Bryce Hall challenged the twins to a boxing match and claimed that he can take them both at the same time.

Recently, Bryce Hall informed me that the fight with Island Boys might actually happen.

While the feud is still very much alive, Bryce Hall also wants to cash on it. In a tweet, he claimed that he had talked to the management of Island Boys and that the fight will happen. He wrote:

just got off the phone w/ the island boys management; this fight might happen for the right price Eyes this would also draw the attention away from the embarrassing a** beating bird face boy received from his girlfriend after hitting her first…. allegedly
Bryce Hall

Bryce also posted a video addressing the situation, and he shared that the Island Boys are interested in fighting him for the right price. The Island Boys agreed on a $110-120 thousand payout, which was actually less than the initial price Bryce Hall offered them.

The original price Hall offered was $400,000, which was double their net worth. Moreover, Hall doesn’t think he’ll be fighting both of the Island Boys simultaneously. They’re finalizing the details as of now. Bryce Hall says he’ll possibly be able to fight them both on the same night.

Let’s see if the fight actually happens!