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Bryce Hall brings trending Squid Game challenges to life!

In a fun YouTube video, Bryce Hall organized a Squid Game inspired event. The contestants had to participate in three games to win $2000.

Like the rest of the world, Bryce Hall is also obsessed with Netflix’s Squid Game. Within a few days of its release, the Korean show is set to become the most-watched show on Netflix. Despite being a foreign language show, it has captured the attention of the entire world. Similarly, Hall seems to have taken inspiration from it as well. Therefore, he organized a YouTube event where contestants participated in similar games. While the show’s winner got $20 million, Hall’s Squid Game’s winner got $2000.

Last week, Squid Game changed how people watch Korean and foreign language content.

Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game is a survival drama from South Korea. The story revolves around a debt-ridden father, an immigrant, a North Korean defector, and other characters with financial troubles. They must compete in a series of games to win huge prize money. However, there is a catch. All of the games are from their childhood which they used to play as kids. However, this time around, the losers will have to die. Ultimately, the last man standing gets to take a $20 million home. Shortly after its release, the show became the most-watched on Netflix. At the same time, it is set to become the most popular show the streamer to date. It has also inspired YouTubers like Bryce Hall to make their content. On the other hand, the actors in the show are becoming overnight stars. Within a few days, Jung Ho-Yeon gained more than 9 million followers on Instagram.

To stay on trend, Bryce Hall organized his own “Squid Game.”

Instead of participating in them himself, Bryce Hall acted as the host of the games. In a YouTube video, he announced the event and prize money. Bryce Hall said:

“Welcome to the Squid Games. I have three challenges for everybody. The winner does get a cash prize just like the show except it’s not $20 million, it’s $2000.”

Furthermore, he shared the games, including red light, green light, tug of war, and sumo wrestling.

First up was Red Light, Green Light

Like the show, Bryce Hall had simple rules for the first challenge, Red Light and Green Light. When he said the green light, the contestants had to move forward. However, they had to come to a halt when he said red light. If the contestants moved, they were attacked with a paintball gun and had to leave the game. In the first round, only three contestants were eliminated. Therefore, Bryce Hall decided to do another one.

After that, Bryce Hall introduced Tug of War.

Unlike Squid Game, Hall’s Tug of War did not have a death pit. However, they used the swimming pool for that purpose. In this game, those who fell into the pool lost and were eliminated. If anyone tried to run, a paintball gun would take them down.

Last but not the least, Sumo Wrestling

In the last challenge organized by Bryce Hall, only six contestants participated. Sadly, most of the contestants lost in the previous challenge. For Sumo Wrestling, David and Goliath came face to face. After a suspenseful showdown, the underdog of the game won the challenge. According to Bryce Hall, it was a controversial win.

Despite his record of controversies, people appreciated Bryce Hall for his version of Squid Game. It was a smart move to create on-trend content.