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Grimes Gets Backlash For Photoshoot With 'Communist Manifesto' After Breakup With Billionaire Elon Musk

Grimes gets backlash for photo Shoot with ‘Communist Manifesto’ after breakup with billionaire Elon Musk

Grimes receives backlash for a photoshoot while holding Karl Marx's 'Communist Manifesto after breaking up with billionaire partner Elon Musk. She also addressed the outrage.

It’s no secret that whenever someone goes through a breakup, it is usually followed by a major upheaval in their life. It could be a new haircut, moving somewhere else. But in the case of Grimes, it seems like she decided to change political ideology altogether. She did a paparazzi-inspired photoshoot, with Karl Marx’s famous ‘Communist Manifesto’ in her hands. And naturally, Twitter was having none of it.

As we all know, Grimes recently split with her partner Elon Musk, who happens to be one of the richest people to have ever lived in all of human history. However, it looks like after their break up, Grimes suddenly has gained a soft spot for communism. And this isn’t just speculation, as Grimes was actually seen reading Karl Marx’s ‘The Communist Manifesto.

And as soon as Twitter saw these pictures, you should be able to guess what happened. Immediately afterward, Twitter users started calling her phony, comparing this to the ‘Tax the Rich’ dress that AOC wore to the MET Gala. Moreover, people said that Grimes was a hypocrite for reading that book, considering she dated the richest person on Earth for years. And if that wasn’t enough, the memes were kind of incredible.

However, Grimes was not one to stay silent after receiving such backlash. She then immediately went to Twitter and Instagram and told her fans that it was indeed a staged photo shoot.

Grimes explains that it was a Paparazzi-inspired staged photo shoot, explains her

Grimes then went to Twitter and explained that a few paparazzi actually followed her, which is why she decided to have some fun with them. She wanted to make the most “onion-ish” headline possible, and so she took out the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. Grimes knew that this would seem extremely ironic, considering she dated a multi-billionaire for years.

Grimes had some fans too. One Twitter user called her a queen, saying she totally played the masses. To that, Grimes responded:

This whole thing is so funny I think my publicist is stressed, I should probably stop impulsively doing controversial things, my friend just had the book and the photogs were outside. I’ll prob regret this later hahaha

Moreover, in her Instagram post, Grimes also went ahead and briefly tried to explain her political leanings. She wrote that she is not a communist, but believes in a decentralized universal basic income, which can somehow be achieved through crypto-currency. However, she did explain that her opinions are a bit difficult to describe, as she wrote in the caption:

Full disclosure I’m still living with e (Elon Musk) and I am not a communist (although there are some very smart ideas in this book -but personally I’m more interested in a radical decentralized ubi that I think could potentially be achieved thru crypto and gaming but I haven’t ironed that idea out enough yet to explain it. Regardless my opinions on politics are difficult to describe because the political systems that inspire me the most have not yet been implemented).

Apart from her politics, Grimes also revealed that she is still living with Elon Musk. Now, we have no idea how that works, but rich people do have a world of their own.

Twitter was still enraged

But, despite these explanations, Twitter users were still not having none of it. They called her political solution synonymous with “silicon valley tech bro” culture. It looks like Elon had quite an influence on her by that looks. Moreover, many users said the only thing that can solve a universal basic income is taxing the rich.

Grimes had to eventually come to Twitter and said she has come to terms with not being “socially acceptable”. She decided not to spread any kind of hate against her critics. But, she also emphasized that she does not worry about being “cringe” as it is against her artistic principles: