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What Anna Kendrick Would sound like if she was British

If you want to learn British accent, Anna Kendrick's accent expertise might come in handy. The actress can copy any dialect with extreme accuracy.

Although it’s not easy copying different dialects, Anna Kendrick’s accent skills will leave you in awe of her. When it comes to copying a British accent, she seems to be an expert. Recently, she proved it on Graham Norton’s show.

These days, Anna Kendrick has been promoting her latest film, Trolls World Tour

After the success of the first Trolls film, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are back with another one. In this film, Branch and Poppy discover new genres of music. They are on a mission to unite the troll tribes and save the diverse music from being extinct. In order to promote their film, the actors have been traveling the world along with Anna Kendrick’s accent skills.

During the Graham Norton show, we saw a display of Anna Kendrick’s accent expertise

While talking about her obsession with a British accent, Anna Kendrick told an interesting story. Unknowingly, Anna Kendrick’s accent almost got her into trouble with two TV personalities. According to her, because there are so many different British accents, it seems that everyone is putting on voices.

While telling the story, she put on a fake upper-class British accent and said:

‘I was checking into a hotel once and a man came out and said, “Do you need help with your bags?” and I thought he was putting on the voice so I said, “We’ve been travelling all day, you’ve no idea”. But they kept talking like that, so I had to slowly transition out of it. I was back in the country several years later and they were on TV on Gogglebox because it was Steph and Dom. So, they actually talk like that and I was accidentally making fun of them to their face.’

Anna Kendrick's accent, British accent

It would be one hell of a reunion if Graham Norton ever decides to invite Anna Kendrick along with Steph and Dom on his show.