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Sofia Vergara Was Almost Tom Cruise’s Wife?!

In shocking news, Sofia Vergara almost became Tom Cruise's wife and this is one of the most bizarre news ever. It seems she was one of his potential wives.

Every day, we get to hear astonishing news about celebrities. Similarly, today’s shocking news is that Sofia Vergara almost became Tom Cruise’s wife. While it is not odd for two actors to date, this news has something to do with Cruise’s religion, Scientology.

While Tom Cruise is famous for his films, his personal life attracts the same attention

There would hardly be anyone in this world who is not familiar with Tom Cruise and his films. However, his personal life also gets the same amount of attention. Whether it’s his divorces or his devotion to Scientology, people always want to talk about Tom Cruise. When he got divorced from Nicole Kidman, it became a piece of major news all over the world. At the same time, everyone would remember his public confession of how much he loves Katie Holmes on the Oprah show. However, not everyone knows that Sofia Vergara almost became his wife.

After Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara was a potential wife for Tom Cruise

According to anonymous sources, Tom Cruise started looking for a new wife after his divorce from Nicole Kidman. Not only did he want an A-list celebrity wife, but he also wanted her to convert to Scientology. Shortly after, he started dating his co-star, Penelope Cruz. However, she refused to convert. After that, Cruise shortlisted the number of actresses for his wife’s position. Among them, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Garner seemed to be hot choices.

Before Modern Family, Sofia Vergara was to audition for a completely different role

Reportedly, Cruise tried to win Sofia Vergara with his charm, good looks, and flattery. Not only that, but he also introduced her to the church members. However, what Vergara did not know was that she was unknowingly giving an audition for a suitable wife for Cruise.

When Tom Cruise mentioned that she will have to convert to Scientology and renounce her faith, she got scared. According to a friend of Sofia Vergara:

“She was fundamentally terrified of Scientology. She sincerely believed that she would be struck down by God and burn in hell if she joined.”

Luckily, Sofia Vergara did not have to go through the same circumstance as Katie Holmes. Vergara is happily married and winning hearts for her portrayal of Gloria on Modern Family.