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After What We Do In The Shadows, Vanessa Bayer Guest Stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Remember Vanessa Bayer’s character Evie on What We Do In The Shadows? Wasn’t that completely brilliant? Well, Bayer is making another guest appearance on the cop comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We’ll see her reunited with her old SNL co-star Andy Samberg!

Vanessa Bayer’s Cameo Appearance In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

According to NBC, Bayer will guest star in one episode of the seventh season. The details about her character are not disclosed yet. The teasing Social Media posts, however, revealed that she will be playing a  cop in the police-centric comedy.

The Saturday Night Live Co-Stars To Join In Cop-Comedy

Vanessa Bayer was a cast member of Saturday Night Live 2010- 2017. She, then, left the show after the seventh season run. As a matter of fact, Bayer and Samberg were together in the two seasons on SNL. Later, Samberg quitted the late-night weekend show in 2012.

Previously, Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after the completion of its fifth season. Surprisingly, within 31 hours of this depressing cancellation news, NBC took the charge of releasing a 13-episode sixth season of the cop-comedy. After the successful airing of season 6, Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewed at NBC in February, for the seventh season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6  performed well with an estimated 3.9 million total viewers. Hence, it is anticipated that season 7 could begin on any Thursday from January 2020.

Bayer is, undoubtedly, a versatile actress who has performed in many films and tv series like Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, and The Awesomes. 

Vanessa Bayer As E.V  (Evie Russell) In What We Do In The Shadows

In ‘What we do in the shadows’, Vanessa played Evie Russell, E.V one of the Emotional vampires. She, instead of blood, fed on the human souls. This energy vampire added a vivid melancholy to the slow-paced show. It definitely cheered the audience up as she was on a ‘werewolf feud’ with Colin Robinson in the episode. The energy vampires even battled for the souls of the wretched office workers.

With this matchless ghostly performance in a single episode of the supernatural drama, What we do in the shadows, fans expect something extraordinary from the actress in Brooklyn Nine-Nine disguise. Let’s wait and watch to see the temperamental vampire on a patrolling mission.