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Barbie Ferreira From Euphoria is a Blackpink Fan

If you haven’t seen Euphoria yet then you’re living under a rock. It’s without a doubt the best TVshow right now and yes I’m saying THE BEST. No other teen drama compares to it. Euphoria has a good story, perhaps a bit too controversial at times but yet so relatable. The cast is phenomenally good. Seriously! Zendaya’s in the lead so duh! But aside her, everyone else is so good. And Barbie Ferreira is our latest woman crush. She’s funny, extremely gorgeous, highly talented, relatable, a body positivist and a Kpop fan! How more perfect can she be!?

Barbie Ferreira Stans Blackpink

It’s no secret that Barbie Ferreira likes kpop. Only a few days ago she posted on her story that she’s listening to BTS’s Euphoria and that it’s a bop. Well, we can’t disagree because it really is. Today though, the Euphoria actress revealed who her kpop bias is. Let us give you a hint: it’s someone from Blackpink.

We all agree that all of the Blackpink members are queens but still, we’ve all got that one favorite member. And for all those newbies to kpop, the bias in kpop means your favorite member. So yeah, Barbie Ferreira’s kpop bias is Lisa and well we agree. You would too if you have you seen Lisa. She’s pretty, can pull off some great dance moves and has some fiery verses in every song!

Barbie Ferreira is Breaking Stereotypes

We cannot stress enough how much you need to watch Euphoria if you haven’t already. Euphoria talks about all the issues that teenagers deal with and so much more.

It’s breaking stereotypes and Barbie Ferreira’s character Kat happens to be one of them. She plays a fat girl who’s a fangirl and a camgirl. She’s nothing like every other fat girl character shown in movies and shows. Fat girls are always shown as someone who’s insecure and their main trait is just their jokes jus They’re used as comedic relief. Well, all this isn’t true for Kat. She’s fierce and confident. She’s the Queen B and well even if she’s fat, you’ll have to deal with it. With this groundbreaking role, Ferreira is making news everywhere and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.