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For All Ya' TikTok Teens, 'H2O: Just Add Water' Is Now Streaming On Netflix

For All Ya’ TikTok Teens, ‘H2O: Just Add Water’ Is Now Streaming On Netflix

If you are a teen making TikTok videos about the beloved Australian mermaid show, H2O: Just Add Water, watch out because Netflix is coming for you. Teens have recently found themselves a new obsession, they are flocking in huge numbers on TikTok, making videos satirizing the classic Australian tween show. And what’s worse is that they are not ready to relent in any aspect. From throwing water on each other to copying Australian accents of the show’s stars, TikTok users are doing it all. In fact, some are even posting videos donning mermaid tails. The craze won’t abate, but Netflix will not let it thrive either. All 3 seasons of H2O: Just Add Water are now available on Netflix. Which, of course, is a Netflix way of battling out the parody videos.

All Three Seasons Of H2O: Just Add Water Streaming On Netflix

Netflix had it two cents to deliver about the recent TikTok trend. Instead, it chose to answer with more action than words. Last night, Netflix announced -in its signature spirited PSA writing- that all three seasons of the 2006 Australian drama are streaming on the service.

Check out the tweet below. H2O Just Add Water Season 1 2 TikTok Videos Amazon Prime

And that wasn’t even all. Knowing that the message would inevitably entice some eyebrows, the streaming giant decided to explain its tweet before questions pour in. The streaming-giant disclosed some insightful trivia about the show. It revealed that the makers had originally planned to name the show ‘Dropbears: Just Add Water’. But eventually, makers decided to weave a mythical angle into the story by introducing mermaids into the plot. Hence, the name change.  H2O Just Add Water Season 1 2 TikTok Videos Amazon Prime

What Is H2O About And Why Is There So Much Drama Going On Around It

The fantasy Australian drama, H20: Just Add Water, principally followed the lives of three teenage girls (played by The Originals alumni Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt, along with Cariba Heine) who develop the ability to transform into mermaids after some weird magic involving a full moon and a volcano. And as the title may suggest this transition happens upon contact with water. Shenanigans ensue, which pretty much tap on the episodes to become struggle stories about the girls learning to do simple tasks. Washing the dishes? Water! Having a shower? Water! Well, the plot had its loopholes but come on, which teen drama doesn’t?

Years later, the plot point became a running joke. Although it all happened for understandable reasons, the TikTok video flood did enrage countless H2O fans. A very popular TikTok video shows a user acting melodramatically after coming into contact with sprinkler spray. In another video, one girl offers another a glass of water and she freaks out before diving into a pool. H2O Just Add Water Season 1 2 TikTok Videos Amazon Prime

One thing that this TikTok H2O craze has taught us is that Netflix is looking out for everyone. It may soon lose Friends, Pretty Little Liars, and The Office, but it still would have enough enjoyable content to keeps its subscribers satiated.