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ACE Family show off new mansion after previous home’s foreclosure

After the foreclosure drama of their previous house, ACE Family have moved into their new house and gave us an exclusive tour.

After the whole fiasco about their previous house, ACE Family has moved into a new house. In a recent video, they gave their followers a tour of their new house. Throughout the video, Austin and Catherine McBroom kept saying that they want to do things differently this time. According to them, they want to keep many parts of the house private. Previously, they had to let go of their house because of foreclosure. However, they claimed that they sold it due to many constructional problems.

ACE Family

Although the McBrooms kept denying the news, many tea YouTube channels proved that the ACE Family house was put up for auction. According to sources, they failed to pay around $9 million in their debt. Therefore, they were evicted from the house, and the ACE Family house was put for foreclosure. After that, the bank wanted to sell the house in an auction for $10 million. Although two potential buyers came forward, no one really bought the house. Throughout this process, the family stayed quiet and did not respond to any news. However, people did express their concerns for their kids.

ACE Family

After the foreclosure drama, the couple sat down to address the issue.

The ACE Family couple talked about the foreclosure and their previous house in a lengthy video. According to them, they sold the house themselves and were not kicked out. During the video, they told their followers that the builders scammed them and the house had massive issues. Despite ACE Family living in the house for two years, they could not get the certificate of occupancy. At the same time, there were plumbing issues, ceilings would leak, the walls were cracked, and the swimming pool was a disaster. Similarly, the cabinets and closets were also falling apart. While they paid a huge chunk to fix these things, it was never done correctly. Therefore, they decided to let go of the house and move on.

ACE Family

Recently ACE Family gave a tour of their new house in a YouTube video.

At the beginning of the video, the ACE Family couple revealed that they would try their best to show as much of the house as possible. However, they are trying to do things differently and want to keep their privacy intact. However, they understand that it is impossible for them not to show everything as their house is their office. Furthermore, ACE Family started to show their house, starting with the movie theater, dining room, and pool area. According to Austin McBroom, their new kitchen is much more spacious and better than the previous one.

ACE Family

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