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Nyle DiMarco Wants Political Candidates to Discuss Disability Policy

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Nyle DiMarco is a name you might be familiar with if you keep yourself up-to-date with all disability activists or if you religiously follow America’s Next Top Model. If you are completely confused, allow me to explain.

DiMarco is actually a deaf model that has won America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. To date, he is the only deaf contestant to be on the show. The producers brought him in without realizing he was deaf and well, it worked out! He also starred on Dancing with the Stars and won that. But these aren’t the accolades people respect him for.

Adamant Activist for the Deaf Community

The model is actually adored for his activist efforts for the deaf community. After gaining some fame from appearing on these reality shows and Switched At Birth, he has used his platform to promote awareness about Deaf culture. He also believes that deaf actors should be playing the roles of deaf people because it adds authenticity.

DiMarco’s Political Beliefs

DiMarco attended the Democratic Debate recently and expressed what he looks for the most in any political candidate:

As a Deaf person, I am consistently inquisitive about the candidates’ disability policy. In America, there are more than 55 million citizens living with disabilities. This makes us the largest minority group in the US and with that being said, I strongly believe that we also are a key voting bloc in 2020.

He also added that politicians tend to forget about this important minority group in the USA. This is probably because, in the recent Democratic Debate, the topic of the disability policy was not discussed.

The Democratic Debate included various topics such as health care, climate change, gun control, immigration, and race relations. While all of these are important issues that need attention, DiMarco wants the candidates to not forget about the people with a disability.

He was sure to add in how the political candidates should be able to stand for what’s right and call out what’s wrong:

Last but not least, the candidates need to be able to call out racism, sexism, and xenophobia. They also need to express their belief and plan for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, gun-control & reform, immigrants reform, better healthcare, climate change, closing concentration camps and many more that make us all equal citizens.

Nyle DiMarco Isn’t a Trump Supporter

No wonder Nyle DiMarco is a vocal critic of Donald Trump. During the 2016 US presidential election, he supported Hilary Clinton after Trump said some offensive things about deaf actor Marlee Matlin.

He stated that:

There are 55 million disabled people living in America. I don’t want a president who marginalizes my community.

Other Activist Efforts by DiMarco

He is also the spokesperson for the organization of LEAD-K (Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids). Moreover, he’s also part of an innovative ASL app which teaches the ASL. Plus, he has his own foundation called the Nyle DiMarco Foundation where deaf children and their respective families get the resources they need.


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