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Jeff Bezos Partying Shirtless With Girls Have a Lot of People Talking

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Jeff Bezos is proof that you can have anything you want if you have money. Since a while now, the billionaire has been embracing the spotlight and the lifestyle that comes with it. After his divorce, he started dating Lauren Sanchez and she might be behind his new buff look. On New Years’ Eve, the couple partied together St. Bart’s. Similarly, they were seen on a yatch where Amazon founder went shirtless and was hanging out with some girls. Needless to say, people have some thoughts.

As of today, Jeff Bezos is worth $200 billions and the second-richest man on earth.

Although Jeff Bezos is best known as the founder of Amazon, the billionaire has many other sources of income. From real estate to multiple startups, he has substantial shares in countless companies and businesses. Through his Bezos Family Foundation, he has funded many educational projects and other charities. At the moment, his focus is on his space exploration company called Blue Origin. According to reports, Jeff Bezos puts $1 billion in his company every year. Last year, he took his first space flight on New Shepard spacecraft and made headlines.

Recently, the billionaire’s shirtless pictures and New Year Eve outfit have been going viral.

As his net worth is increasing day by day, Bezos is becoming ripped and on his way to get six pack abs. On the New Years Eve, he and his girlfriend partied at St. Bart’s in a tight shirt and even tighter pants. At the same time, he wore heart shaped glasses. Similarly, he was seen shirtless and hanging out with Sanchez and few other girls. Since then, his picture has gone viral and people cannot stop talking about them.

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Twitter is abuzz with Jeff Bezos and his shirtless pictures.

As expected, Twitter had a field day with Jeff Bezos shirtless pictures. According to one person:

Jeff Bezos inches closer to becoming Pitbull

Meanwhile, another commented:

Mr. Worldwide Shipping

Another person said:

jeff bezos shirtless is so-….. lets look at the material


These people was not at all impressed with Bezos’ fashion sense.


This person hilariously trolled the billionaire and said:

For being the richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos sure dresses like a guy who just lost his life savings in crypto

Another person called him a jacked up Austin Powers.

Meanwhile, this person said:

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