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Larray confronts Nikita Dragun about her blackfishing on Netflix’s Hype house show

We all know that Nikita Dragun has had a controversial past. She has been accused of everything from spreading misinformation about COVID-19 to cultural appropriation. Recently, her Netflix reality show, Hype House released on the platform. During one of the episodes, fellow influencer Larray confronted her about Blackfishing. According to him, he might not be able to keep defending her. In response to this, she apologized for it.

Last year, Nikita Dragun was accused of Blackfishing when people noticed that she was darker than usual.

On her Instagram stories, Nikita Dragun posted her pictures. However, people noticed that her skin tone seems darker than ever. Shortly after, people started accusing her of Blackfishing. To appear darker than her real skin tone, Nikita Dragun uses a darker color foundation. This is not the first time she was accused of this. Previously, she addressed the accusations and said:

“what race is nikita gonna be today ? i know it’s a joke to comment on my race but i’m really tired of having to defend myself on every post. “she’s hispanic today” i’m hispanic everyday. my mom is mexican. my dad is asian. i’m mixed. the end. bye.”

Nikita Dragun

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Recently, Netflix released a reality show, Hype House, based on TikToker’s collective house.

Initially, Thomas Petrou started the Hype House, where TikTokers and YouTubers come together to make content. However, it became a huge deal when Netflix decided to make a reality show about them. Last week, the show was released on the platform. From Nikita Dragun to Chase Hudson, from Vinnie Hacker to Larray, there are many famous influencers in the show. However, people have noticed something peculiar about the show. According to the reviews, they all seem to be miserable and sad. Similarly, it seems that no one seems happy about what they do. While no one from the show have addressed this, it is a worrying thing.

Nikita Dragun

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During the show, Larray confronted Nikita Dragun about Blackfishing.

In one of the episodes of Hype House, Larray sat down with Nikita Dragun and talked about the Blackfishing accusations. According to him, he had to defend her when people asked him why he hangs out with her. At the same time, he told her that she does not look like her pictures in real life. He said:

“You come across as ignorant. They’re pissed with me and hate the fact that I’m friends with someone who is problematic. People have feelings and you cannot invalidate those feelings. I cannot defend you on something like that, you’re on your own.”

In response to this, Nikita Dragun said:

“As an influencer, our whole life is put on a weird pedestal more than other celebrities. Its scary because you’re not allowed to mess up in any way. But I also think its not fair for me to be so dismissive. I’m really sorry for that, I don’t want to hurt anyone that’s not my intention. Its like I have to extra prove that I’m not a bad person. Its been like that my whole life.”

Nikita Dragun

Although she has apologized, let’s see if people accept Nikita Dragun’s apology or not.