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You Won’t Believe What James Charles Did to Give Iggy Azalea a Makeover!

James Charles actually drove for hours through a snowstorm to give rapper Iggy Azalea a makeover and the internet can not handle it.

T he popular beauty YouTuber James Charles is everyone’s favorite and there’s a lot many reasons behind it. And if somebody wants more, they need to hear this- Charles actually traveled through a snowstorm to keep his sister promise and give rapper Iggy Azalea a makeover.

Sounds unbelievably impressive, doesn’t it? Well, yes. And maybe that gives us all one more reason to fall in love with the 19-year old makeup guru. The internet can really not handle how Charles actually went through so much to honor his commitments. And along with Azalea, everyone is full of appreciation for Charles!

Iggy Azalea Appreciates James Charles For Makeover Struggles

With Iggy Azalea tweeting about all the difficulties that James Charles went through just to do her makeup, we know it must not have been easy. Apparently, Charles drove seventeen million miles in a snowstorm, and even took a flight to get to her. Not just that, he only slept for 2 hours in 2 days. But at the end of it, he was still able to give the rapper a makeover. And she publicly appreciated all his efforts on Twitter. But she clarified that despite it sounding too far fetched, none of this was exaggeration.

Although it seems a bit too many struggles, James Charles is still surprisingly upbeat about it. He retweeted Azalea claiming that he got her, and she should go kill it.

The Internet Loses It Over Iggy Azalea’s Tweet

When Iggy Azalea took to Twitter to brag about everything Charles did to give her a makeover, the internet really could not handle it. Appreciation for sister Charles came right in with many people even comparing him to a superhero.

Others took the whole situation on a much lighter note. And well, needless to say, Twitter was soon exploding with all sorts of hilarious memes about the whole thing.

Iggy Azalea is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and television personality. Her most prominent works include Fancy, Kream and Black Widow. James Charles is an American YouTuber and makeup artist who is loved all over the internet. His recent collaboration with Morphe Brushes for a new palette made him even more popular. And although it sounds unbelievable, all stock was finished in less than 10 minutes!