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X Ambassadors new song 'Okay' is another ode to Noah Feldshuh?

X Ambassadors new song ‘Okay’ is another ode to Noah Feldshuh?

X Ambassadors are all set to release their third studio album The Beautiful Liar on September 24, 2021. The band has already released one track, My Own Monster, a few weeks ago. Now, they have released the audio version of their second track Okay. The song appears to be sad and comforting at the same time. However, we see a few similarities in the theme that makes us wonder if this song is another ode to their ex-member, Noah Feldshuh.

X Ambassadors want Noah Feldshuh back?

X Ambassadors currently consists of Sam Harris, Casey Harris and Adam Levin. Noah Feldshuh was an integral part of the band for quite some time. Their blockbuster releases were a mutual work of Sam Harris and Noah. However, in JUne 2016, it was announced that Noah was taking an indefinite hiatus to deal with some personal issues. Later, X Ambassadors announced they will continue their work as a trio.

Sam Harris and other members were silent for a time whenever it came to whereabouts of Noah, their ex-band member and childhood friend. However, they dedicated a full song to him, titled Hey Child. The song was released on April 19,2019 and it is a part of their second studio album Orion.

Initially, they did not confirm that the song is about Noah Feldshuh. However, the fans that were following the band from the beginnings guessed the meaning behind the lyrics pretty soon. Later, they confirmed it as well. It seems like the members want their old friend back with them and they are still showing their support to him, even if they are not in contact.

The similarities between the songs

Sam Harris referred to Noah as “Child” in the song “Hey Child”. The song also contained references to their life when they were together since they were kids. Now, in okay, the term “child” is back.

In the song “Okay“, the whole song appears to be written in support of a lover. However, the ending of the song makes you think over it in a different perspective:

You see, my child

Nothing lasts forever

Everything dies eventually

A light goes out

Only darkness is inevitable

Darkness, the one true constant in this life

It is the only thing you can really rely on

Like me

I am your shadow

I am your constant

And the songs end at:

I am your destiny

Sweet child

Your best friend


Do you think the song is a dedication to Noah Feldshuh? Or is it a song dedicated to the better-half? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.