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Is Will Forte's Alien News Desk Season 2 Coming?

Is Will Forte’s Alien News Desk Season 2 Coming?

The show focuses on providing an unbiased source of world news. The surefire way to do that is through having an impartial news reporter. Someone who doesn’t need to have emotion. That’s where you get the aliens.

SNL a Major Inspiration For the Show

If you recognize the new format which is satirical in nature, this is because it was inspired by Saturday Night Live’s News Segment. This comes as no surprise since SNL’s creator Lorne Michaels and exec producer Erik Kenward serve as the producers of the Aliens News Desk. Along with them, the creators Austin Reading and Chris Prynoski are the main producers of the show. The cast including of SNL’s Will Forte and Heidi Gardner isn’t shocking either.

What Do We Know About Aliens News Desk Season 2?

SyFy, the network that Alien News Desk airs on, has not shared any news regarding a potential season 2. Their marketing has been relatively quiet as well. The only advertising was done through SNL. Though, if the show is renewed, the season 2 release date will come next year.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

We’ll probably see the newscasters Drexx Drudlarr (voiced by Will Forte) and Tiva Van Void (voiced by Heidi Gardner)

Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for the first season of Aliens News Desk:

Will Forte, Alien News Desk