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Matt Bomer Pays Tribute To White Collar With Tim DeKay

Matt Bomer Pays Tribute To White Collar With Tim DeKay

If you thought you were done with White Collar and it was finally time to move on, then perhaps this would revive your love for the show. Matt Bomer took to Instagram to post his thoughts on the show’s 10th Anniversary. He posted a picture of him standing with Tim DeKay and tagged everyone including Willie Garson.

Matt Bomer Remembers White Collar

In case you missed it, White Collar was a six-season show that first aired in 2009. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay were the two protagonists of the show who were experts in solving white-collar crimes. It was about a con artist and an FBI agent teaming up to solve unconventional crimes.

In 2014, it was announced to the fans that White Collar episodes would come to a halt. This was when Chris McCumber, president of USA Network said that the show is going to get an “exciting and shocking ending”.

That was five years ago. However, Matt Bomer still had it in his heart and mind all the memories he made while filming the show. Maybe that is why, on the show’s 10th Anniversary, he decided to put a special post on his Instagram. Here is what the star had to say about White Collar and its crew:

Today is the 10th anniversary of #whitecollar! Thank you to everyone around the world, and to the incredible cast and crew, who made this one of the best experiences anyone could hope for. (Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of the whole cast!)