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Where Is Brian Laundrie, Suspect In Gabby Petito's Murder Case?

Where is Brian Laundrie, Suspect in Gabby Petito’s Murder Case?

Every day, there is a new update in the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case. While a body is found, Laundrie is still missing.

It has been 20 days since Brian Laundrie returned to his home without Gabby Petito. Since then, the world has been actively searching for the 22-year-old YouTuber. After several weeks of investigation and searching, police found a body in Wyoming. Although the autopsy report is yet to confirm it, people are speculating that it is Petito. On the other hand, Laundrie has been missing for a week now. But is he actually missing or hiding from the police? It makes one wonder if his role in this case.

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After travelling for a few weeks, Brian Laundrie and Petito had an argument

Where Is Brian Laundrie, Suspect In Gabby Petito's Murder Case?

Previously, bodycam footage resurfaced after the case came into the spotlight. In the video taken by the Moab police office, Gabby Petito looks exhausted and drained. She also is seen crying and shaking while telling the officers about the argument she had with her fiancé. On the other hand, Brian Laundrie seems calm and collected. However, he has scratch marks on his face, neck, and arms. According to him, he and Gabby had an argument which led to her punching and scratching him. Recently, a 911 call to the sheriff’s office has come forward. According to the caller, Brian Laundrie was hitting and slapping Gabby Petito. The caller stated:

“We drove by and the gentleman was slapping the girl. They ran up and down the sidewalk, he proceeded to hit her, and they drove off.”

This is the complete opposite of what the couple told the police officers. After the police interrogated them and Laundrie suggested Petito attacked him, the couple were separated for the night. The incident happened on August 12. Laundrie returned to his home on 1st September without Petito but in the same van that they traveling in.

Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito

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Although he is missing at the moment, Laundrie is a person of interest

On 11th September, Petito’s family declared her officially missing. However, Brian Laundrie refused to talk to the police about the case. At the same time, his family reported him missing after few days. According to them, he took his backpack and told them that he will be going to Carlton Reserve. Although police began their search in Carlton Reserve, it proved to be extremely difficult. After few days of search, the police stopped looking for Brian Laundrie in the reserve. At the same time, they got a warrant for the search of the Laundrie residence.

If he is found, will Brian Laundrie be charged for murder?

Although he was a person of interest, the police have not declared him the suspect. The FBI officer said:

“Laundrie is not a suspect in a crime. We think he is likely one of the last people to see Gabby Petito alive, and for that reason he’s a very important witness.”

Despite the fact that Brian Laundrie has acted suspiciously, the police will have to see many aspects before charging him. They will have to prove that Gabby Petito was murdered. While there is a body, it is still under observation. In this regard, the autopsy report is the key. At the same time, forensics reports of the van, their electronic devices, and luggage will be important too. While Brian Laundrie is the sole witness and can be the culprit, his parents can be charged for being accomplices.

For now, we all have to wait for the autopsy report. Meanwhile, the police is still searching for Brian Laundrie. Needless to say, this case is becoming complicated day by day.