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UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett challenges “sausage” Jake Paul, saying he’ll fight him tomorrow

Although Jake Paul is termed the Problem Child, there might be a new contender of that title. Now, Paddy Pimblett challenges him for a fight.

Looks like Jake Paul isn’t the only one issuing challenges to others. Recently, a new UFC star has emerged from England. Paddy Pimblett not only challenged the younger Paul brother to a fight, but he also called him a ‘sausage’. So far, there has been no response from the YouTuber.

Recently, Paddy Pimblett made his smashing UFC debut

A few days back, Paddy Pimblett faced Brazil’s Luigi Vendramini in his lightweight UFC debut. Initially, Vendramini seemed to lead with blows and punches. It looked like Pimblett would not stand for long. However, The Baddy remained calm and regained his balance. From then on, it was his fight and he dominated with non-stop blows. In the end, Pimblett gave a knockout punch with only 35 seconds remaining. Born and bred in Liverpool, Paddy Pimblett has shocked the sports community with his talent. Everyone is full of praises and appreciation for him. After the fight, Pimblett talked about his fight and said:

You know my saying, lad. I’m a scouser, we don’t get knocked out. I take that s*** all day. I’m the new cash cow. I’m the new main man on the UFC roster. I best be in the game next week, lad. I’m the new man, lad. People are going to be calling me out now. You know who the boy is.

Although Jake Paul has won all his fights, The Baddy thinks he’s a ‘sausage’

In an interview with MMA Crazy, Paddy Pimblett had a lot to say about Jake Paul. Normally, Paul is the one making the first move and challenging his opponents. However, things are changing now and Pimblett is feeling smug. According to him, he can crush Paul in one match. While talking about Jake Paul and Woodley’s fight, he said:

No, I don’t waste my time with sh*t like that. The only thing I’ve seen is where Woodley catches him with a punch and nearly knocks him out. I’ve heard off a few people that Woodley got robbed… You need to finish people like that, or you’ll get robbed.

At the same time, Pimblett gloated in the fact that Jake Paul is an easy target for him. He said:

He’s a sausage. I’d fight him tomorrow and I’d beat him tomorrow. I’d punch his face in. It’s embarrassing the fact that Woodley lost.

Paddy Pimblett also thinks Tyron Woodley should just get the loser’s tattoo and get over and done with. At the same time, he believes anyone who can box will truly end Paul’s boxing career.

Literally anyone who can box. Tyron Woodley can box, but from what I hear he didn’t throw enough punches in the fight. He didn’t throw enough volume. So, that’s what cost him the fight, you know what I mean? Give him someone like Nate Diaz who will just jab his head off.

So far, Jake Paul has not responded to Pimblett’s challenge. Whether they will come face to face or not, only time will tell.