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Twilight Cast: Where Are They Now?

Twilight Cast: Where Are They Now?

As everyone gets older, Vampires stay the same age. Although that may be true for real vampires but the story is entirely different for the Twilight cast. Even though these cast members owe their success to Twilight which gave them a place in the world practically overnight, they still went on in completely different directions. Almost to get rid of the Twilight stench.

Let’s see where some of the cast members got to, 12 years later.

The Cast Of Twilight: Where Are They Now?

Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan, went on to act in some indie movies and some big budget ones. She earned acclaim for her roles in dramas such as “Clouds of Sils Maria,” “Camp X-Ray,” and “Still Alice.” She recently starred in “Charlie’s Angels.”

Robert Pattinson, starred in dramas like “Remember Me” and “Water For Elephants” in between shooting for the Twilight series. He’s also getting ready to play “Batman” in the next Comics DC film.

Anna Kendrick is at the height of her career. The same year Twilight was released, Anna did a film with George Clooney called, “Up In The Air” that placed her in the spotlight. She then starred in all the “Pitch Perfect” movies. And recently acted in “A Simple Favor” alongside Blake Lively.

Taylor Lautner turned to television after Twilight. Doing a successful tv show called “Cuckoo.” He was even nominated for his role as Dr. Cascade on the horror show “Scream Queens” at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

Kellan Lutz found himself a recurring role on Lisa Kudrow’s comedy “The Comeback” after Twilight. He also starred in an action film with Bruce Willis called “Extraction (2015).” A mummy adventure opposite Kelsey Grammar called “Guardians of the Tomb” and recently appeared with John Travolta in “Speed Kills.” He also has a few other projects lined up for the future.

And that’s what some of the most famous Twilight actors and actresses have been up to ever since the Twilight series ended.