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Will The Twilight Reboot Offer More Diversity?

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2018 has seen the return of the Vampire franchise. With shows such as ‘Legacies’ on the CW, and movies like ‘Family Blood’; the frenzy surrounding vampires is far from being over. The resurgence of interest from audiences in vampire adaptations has ‘Twilight’ fans speculating over a potential reboot in the future.

Ten Years Too Soon For Twilight

The Twilight Saga premiered its first movie on the 21st of November 2008. As the ten year anniversary nears, Netflix has decided to make the Twilight saga available for audiences starting from the 9th of October.
Judging by the excited response to this news from fans on Twitter, we can safely say that the Twilight fan-base (a.k.a. ‘twihearts’) is as strong as ever.

Who didn’t fall in love with the sparkly vampire and the long-haired, intense werewolf ten years ago?
It’s not a complete surprise that fans are still invested in the Edward-Bella love story all these years later and want to find out what’s in store for them in their years of immortality.

Will they or won’t they become crime-solving superheroes? Or are they doomed to a life full of changing towns and enrolling themselves in high school and colleges time after time so no one gets in on their secret? Are they still playing baseball in the forests?
Guess we will have to wait to find out (hopefully soon).

The Cast Of Twilight All Game For A Potential Reboot?

In a recent interview with Hollywoodlife, Elizabeth Reaser (who played the charming Esme Cullen in the movies) said that she is ‘always open to things coming back’. She went on to say that she’s not precious to things she’s done in the past, or things that were great. She doesn’t feel that way especially if people ‘love the story’.

Elizabeth is currently excited for her upcoming movie, ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ that’ll air on Netflix on the 12th of October. In the movie she’ll play Shirley Crain, one of five grown-up children who grew up in what would go on to become the most famous haunted house in the country. Elizabeth stated that The Haunting Of Hill House has been adapted multiple times and re-imagined in different ways, ‘so if it’s great source material, why not revisit it?’ This is all the confirmation we need to deduce that she’ll be willing to consider returning to the sets of Twilight if the opportunity presents itself.

Not forgetting our favorite main leads, Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) – had more to say.

Twilight cast

In an interview given to Variety Pattinson said, ‘I was literally just talking to my agent about it, the amount of time I spend moisturizing…I am ready to play 17 at a moment’s notice. I’m ready!’

Although Pattinson has worked in numerous films over the past ten years, he still considers Twilight to be his guilty pleasure, ‘it’s like, you say guilty, but what you really mean is just a pleasure’.

However, that might not be the case for our lead lady Kristen Stewart. In a recent interview given to ET Canada, she didn’t sound too keen on returning.’Yeah sure. Absolutely, honestly, start sending scripts my way. Let’s start building this, let’s really explore’, she sarcastically responded.

‘On one hand it’s 10-years-ago and it’s wild and surreal to think about that, but then on the other, the memories are so close to me that it doesn’t feel like a lifetime ago’. We don’t know if we’d even want a reboot without Kristen, but who knows, maybe she’ll reconsider in the future.

Including More Diversity Next Time Round

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke alleged that author Stephenie Meyer opposed casting actors of color to play the Cullens, because the book described the main vampire family as having ‘pale glistening skin’. Hardwick went on to say that ‘Meyer just could not accept the Cullens to be more diverse, because she had really seen them in her mind, she knew who each character was representing in a way, a personal friend or a relative or something’.

However, Hardwicke did manage to cast some diverse characters in the movies, but not as the Cullen’s. With Kenyan American actor Edi Gathegi playing Laurent and Christian Serratos and Justin Chon playing the supporting cast as Bella’s friends, Hardwicke was able ‘to open it up a little bit’.

Lack of diversity in films still remains a huge issue today.

In an article for The Mary Sue, Princess Weekes wrote in response to Hardwicke’s revelation that ,”I will say that — as someone who was already side-eyeing the Twilight Kool-Aid by the time the movie came out, seeing that Laurent and the other supporting characters who Bella dumped on were able to be race-bent — Meyer being so adamant about protecting the whiteness of the Cullens is neither disappointing nor surprising, but just sigh-worthy”.

Elizabeth Reaser also seems to be in agreement with Hardwicke saying, “I think that probably goes for everything that’s being made. There should absolutely be diversity in every [film and] show.”

Can audiences hope for a more diverse cast if there’s a future Twilight reboot? Probably, but let’s not set our hopes too high in case it doesn’t pan out.

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