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Travis Scott Heading To Fortnite To Release New Song

Travis Scott Heading To Fortnite To Release New Song

As if a significant boost yet again for e-sports, Travis Scott has partnered with Epic Games’ Fortnite to release new songs. Epic revealed today that they would host another Fortnite concert in the coming days, and rapper Travis Scott will be its feature. Moreover, the time concert is going to span over several dates and server regions. The show has a name, Astronomical, and the gaming company is describing it as “an other-worldly experience inspired by Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite.”

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert To Have New Song Releases

Fortnite events are usually one-off shows; once you miss them, there is no return and just regrets. This time, however, things are going to be very different. Travis Scott’s Astronomical virtual concert tour will span over three dates and all available regions. Check out below:

  • April 23rd; The Americas, 7 PM ET
  • April 24th: EU & ME, 10 AM ET
  • April 25th: Asia & Oceania, 12 AM ET
  • April 25th: EU & ME, 11 AM ET
  • April 25th: The Americas, 6 PM ET
Travis Scott New Song Fortnite Tour Astronomical 1
©Travis Scott Website

As usual, Epic Games will also be marketing some event-specific merchandise in their in-game items shop. This includes a new Travis Scott skin, a few emotes, and other items. Moreover, players attending Scott’s concert and listening to his new songs will get a glider and loading screens. Take a look at them below:

Travis Scott New Song Fortnite Tour Astronomical 2
©Epic Games

A concert was always on the table for theory-makers ever since a stage appeared in Sweaty Sands, a map POI location in Fortnite. Now, we can confirm via Epic that Travis Scott will be the major highlight of the event with his new songs. This concert will be the second in Fortnite history, following Marshmello’s event appearance in February 2019.

Travis Scott New Song Fortnite Tour Astronomical 3
©Epic Games

According to the game devs, the Marshmello concert was the most significant event in game history. Almost 10.7 million people attended the live show. Does Travis Scott have the power to break that record through his new song release?