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Bob Odenkirk Relieved Son Nathan Fought Off Coronavirus After Asthma

The two-time Emmy winning Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul celebrity Bob Odenkirk finally breathes a sigh of relief as his son recovers from COVID-19. He appeared on an online interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show where he revealed what happened with his son Nathan Odenkirk. The celebrity told that his son was diagnosed with the virus when it was relatively new. Back then, the public believed that young people won’t get hit very hard. However, the 57-year-old SNL veteran had to learn the hard way that it is actually a case-by-case basis.

Bob Odenkirk’s Son Recovers From Coronavirus

Odenkirk looked quite exhausted by his looks, however, his words hinted marks of relieving due to his son’s improved condition. He spoke in detail about what went down during the period:

“My only concern was Nate had dealt with asthma for a good chunk of his life. So I worried that would be an extra complication. In the end, it was pretty bad and it was worse than the flu. And according to him, the pain in his throat was the worst thing of all, but I think also the fatigue.”

Bob Odenkirk was grateful for his son’s recovering health. He admitted that Nathan “got out pretty easily obviously compared to other people”. The actor revealed that he faced a growing fear the longer it took for his son to recover. However, when he started going further from the sickness, he realized how lucky he was.

In the end, Odenkirk was happy to see people still trying their best to obey with stay with home orders during COVID-19 pandemic:

“I just think, I thank people who are doing it. And you know it’s amazing to me James, how people are cooperating with the stay at home orders. It is really stunning to me. I’m a cynic, I think, and it’s one of the reasons I like comedy. But I’m just stunned at the cooperation from the people and the community. And, you know, they’re caring for each other really by doing this.”

Bob Odenkirk Relieved Son Nathan Fought Off Coronavirus After AsthmaBob Odenkirk Relieved Son Nathan Fought Off Coronavirus After Asthma