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Tom Holland panic buys chicken when eggs aren’t available

What does Spiderman do when he runs out of eggs? He buys chicken of course! It’s the chicken and egg question all over again. With the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak, people have been panic buying. This has caused stores to run out of stock very much quicker than before. The Coronavirus Pandemic is emptying shelves way quicker than before. In an Instagram post, Marvel‘s Spiderman, Tom Holland, disclosed that he went to the grocery store and they were out of eggs. What does he do then? He now breeds chicken in his backyard.

Modern problems require conventional solutions much?

Tom Holland introduces his new chicken friends!

So, Tom Holland, as he goes into lockdown along with most of the United Kingdom. And in the days leading up to the lockdown, the residents of the UK went on panic buying sprawls. And even though the government has now imposed a number of measures to limit buying, the last few weeks caused quite the shortage.

The Marvel star, Holland, went to the store and could not find eggs. So, he along with other Hollands decided to become a source of the eggs. That is a pretty creative solution if you ask me.

With everything that’s going on, the supermarkets are all empty. There’s no eggs; we have no eggs. So we thought to solve that problem, we would become the source of eggs. Now, we’re the owner of chickens.

So the chicken does come first!

Hence, Tom Holland got three chickens. And he even named them! Tom introduced his fans to Predator, Ranger, and Chestnut. Those are nice names. Now Tom will probably never run out of eggs.

Dom Holland’s Blog post gives us an egg update.

So the father of the Holland Family and author, Dominic Holland, puts out a blog post about how the Quarantine is making his family behave. He’s mostly pointing out how the family is not perfect. However, he does mention how the chickens have affected the house.

Crushed egg shells are everywhere.

We do hope that the Holland family stays safe because, in the post, he also mentions himself and Sam Holland having Coronavirus symptoms.

And so tensions are running high Chez Holland, compounded by Sam and I both having symptoms. Just coughs and aches at this stage and hopefully nothing more.

We hope they remain safe. Also, it’s good to know that Tom’s chickens are giving him all the eggs he may possibly need.