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Tom Hardy's Taboo Has An Ending Even Before Season 2 Aired

Tom Hardy’s Taboo Has An Ending Even Before Season 2 Aired

Taboo- the Tom Hardy series already has a speculated ending despite the fact that season 2 has not even aired on television yet.

For those unaware, there is a Tom Hardy series on television- Taboo. And what’s interesting is that the series has only had its first season up till now. But fans have already speculated an ending ahead of season 2. What’s even strange is that season 2 is not yet filming. It’s not just fans, but it looks like Hardy has settled on a firm ending for the series. It has been two years since season 1 aired. And although reports confirm that season 2 will start filming soon, the show will end for good this time. But season 2 won’t be the last of Taboo, you see, for it will only start setting up the conclusion. But do we know more about how Hardy plans on taking the series to the end?

Tom Hardy Has Already Settled on an Ending for his series ‘Taboo’

Tom Hardy has worked on this BBC One drama along with his Peaky Blinders collaborator Steven Knight. But the concepts of Taboo were developed with the assistance of his father, Chips Hardy. The first season aired almost two years back. But Knight has revealed that season 2 episodes will start filming either toward the end of this year or next year. He has also hinted that season 2 will start setting up the base for the end of this series. He claimed that there would be three seasons in total for this series. Knight said that,

If we all stick with it and we all want to keep doing it, it would be three [series]. That’s my plan. Because I’ve got a geographical sort of route for the thing to take.

The producers know exactly where this series is headed. And well, as per them, it’s always good to know your final destination. Tom Hardy has previewed the road ahead for his character, would-be-land baron James Delaney. And has even promised some dark and dirty episodes.

Taboo is set to return on BBC One in the UK and FX in the US next year.