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David Dobrik Finally Gets A Haircut & It’s Still Messy

The leader of the Vlog Squad, David Dobrik, finally had a haircut after ages and OMG, it is still messy AF. Either he did not really want this haircut or Jeff Wittek needs extra skills. In fact, Wittek has been running his Jeff’s Barber Shop for quite some time. He has given haircuts to Jason Nash, Josh Peck, Zane Hijazi, and Heath. This time, David Dobrik was the victim. What Liza Koshy could not do, Jeff Wittek did it.

Liza Koshy Has Tried To Do The Deed In The Past

Apparently, David Dobrik has been trying to get the famous haircut from quite some time. However, Dobrik was not willing to do it. In fact, he himself confirmed how much he hates getting a haircut.

My least favorite thing is to get haircuts. Liza tried a haircut video with me once. And I just panicked and I got, like, really sweaty.

Jeff, being the close friend of Dobrik, could not miss the chance of rubbing Liza’s topic on his face. He asks David Dobrik to clarify to the audience who Liza is, as there are chances that his followers may not know Dobrik’s past relationships.

Liza is my ex-girlfriend. She did a video where she was cutting my hair and we didn’t get very far. Just being a portion of a blooper video.

Jeff Wittek Gives The Haircut To David Dobrik

When Dobrik shows his own pics for haircut suggestion, Wittek says he is not going to do it. He, in fact, suggests some creepy haircuts as Halloween specials. He even suggests a Versace eyebrow but David Dobrik denies the request. When they fail to find a haircut suitable enough, Jeff Wittek gives up and agrees to give David Dobrik his own “stupid” haircut.

Interestingly, he goes on asking some good and Liza-based questions during the haircut.

Have you ever kissed another girl since you broke up with Liza?

(Was that question suggested by Liza Koshy herself?) Even though Jeff Wittek asked that question, Dobrik did not answer it. Jeff proceeded asking the questions about surprise gift cars to David Dobrik’s friends. And he is still waiting for his own surprise gift car. Dobrik responds that he has not asked for it himself.

Jeff Wittek keeps asking some more questions which involve Vlog Squad, Natalie and Jason Nash. You can check the whole interview here.

A Surprise Gift By Jeff Wittek

In most of the video, Jeff Wittek keeps dissing David Dobrik for not giving him a car. As Dobrik is famous for giving luxurious cars to his close friends, Jeff is still waiting for his car. These cars are mostly sponsored by Seat Geek. However, at the end of the Jeff Wittek’s video, which is sponsored by Seat Geek as well, Jeff Wittek surprises David Dobrik, the man himself, with a car.

Or not, well he confused David with a sports car but his actual gift is hidden behind that Ferrari. David Dobrik, in fact, gets a motorcycle from Jeff Wittek.