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Tayler Holder addresses claim that AnEsonGib was ‘robbed’ in their YouTubers Vs. TikTokers fight

Taylor Holder addresses claims that AnEsonGib was "robbed" in their YouTubers vs TikTokers fight on the night of 12th June.

So, YouTubers vs TikTokers finally happened on June 12 this week. And even though the boxing event was largely a success, it wasn’t without its controversies. One of them was the outcome of the Tayler Holder vs AnEsonGib fight. There was a lot of outrage on social media, with fans saying that Gib was indeed robbed on the night, as the judges ruled the fight as a draw. However, Holder has now addressed those rumors.

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Tayler Holder addresses claim that AnEsonGib was 'robbed' in their YouTubers Vs. TikTokers fight

Without a doubt, the most controversial fight of the night was that between AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder. Despite Gib landing 47 punches on Holder, compared to Holder’s 21, the judges declared the match a draw. And both the fighters vehemently disagreed on the result as well. Gib said in the post-fight interview “I know in my heart I won”. In response, Holder disagreed with Gib, but maintained that draw was the wrong result, saying:

I have to disagree that he won. I believe the draw was complete bullsh*t.

Tayler Holder also believes a draw was the wrong result but thinks he should have won

As soon as the result was announced, social media erupted as well, but in favor of Gib. Everyone was saying Gib was robbed, with the word “robbed” even trending on Twitter. And that trend did not evade Holder, who tweeted himself, saying that despite the result, he’s happy about the fight:

A draw… I don’t agree with this at all. But hey I’m so blessed I got this opportunity, it was definitely life changing and something I’ll never forget. Thank you to everything that supported me through this journey

Furthermore, Holder reacted to the hate he was getting, tweeting later:

Everyone can say whatever they want but no one will ever truly understand what being in that ring in front of 20k + ppl in the audience feels like! It was my first time and I’m f**king happy!

Lastly, Holder also reacted to the fight and controversy on his Instagram stories, explaining:

Yo, anyone can say anything that they want but I’m f**king happy, dude. I’m so happy I got to experience it. I don’t completely agree with the draw. I’m not here to make excuses, you know he fought great, he applied the pressure just like I thought he was going to.

In the end, Holder also apologized to all his fans whom he let down in the fight. But their fight continues to be a huge debate on Twitter.

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