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Tan France Loved Colleen Ballinger in Broadway Musical ‘Waitress’

You know who’s the best support? Tan France. He’s so nice and polite, and that British accent is just *chef’s kiss*. Also, he has an impeccable dressing sense. He had a small make over series on Netflix ‘Dressing funny’, in which he did a makeover for Colleen Ballinger. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s okay. Because most of you all probably know her as Miranda Sings. Yes, we’re talking about the YouTuber. Now Tan is showing support for the YouTuber’s Broadway debut. Seriously, we all need a friend like Tan France in our life.

Tan France Loved ‘Waitress’

Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings made her Broadway musical debut with Waitress. Because of her YouTube fame, almost all dates for the show were fully packed. However, we have to say this YouTuber can act and so can she sing. And we’re not the only ones singing her praises. Tan France is too and rightfully so.

In his latest Instagram post, the Queer Eye star, shared a picture with Colleen Ballinger. In the caption of the post, Tan writes,

We had the best night watching @colleen blow the audience away in Waitress, tonight. If you haven’t seen her in it yet, she only has two more weeks left. Go see her. You’ll LOVE it. ❤️

If you’re not going to take our word for Colleen’s acting prowess, trust Tan at least. After all, we all know he’s got the best taste.

Their First Meet-Up

Colleen and Tan France first met on his show Dressing Funny for Netflix. It was a show based on how Tan will give a makeover to the top comedians of the industry. One of his guests was Colleen Ballinger. That episode is so funny, you’d be shedding tears. We won’t give any spoilers but Colleen wasn’t the only one getting a makeover.

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