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Daniel Howell Released Back to School Merch!

To all the Daniel Howell fans we know it’s hard. It seems like the Youtuber is again on a hiatus and school is starting while we lack our emotional support from Daniel Howell. However, worry not. Even if there’s no new content from the YouTuber, he’s released his back to school merch and you’re gonna want it.

Daniel Howell Releases Official Merch

Howell recently announced on his Twitter account that he’s releasing new back to school merch. The merch includes sweaters, crop tops, pencils, and bags. They’re all in black – Daniell’s favorite color- and they’re all super relatable.

Check out the official post down below.

Below are the given links you can get the merch from.

For US residents, worldwide here and Australia. 

The Coming Out Video

If you’ve been living under the rock, let us tell you that the YouTuber Daniel Howell made a coming out video in which he came out as gay. It’s a 45-minute long video and we suggest everyone watch it. It’s heartbreaking and brave.

Just after a few days, Daniel’s best friend another YouTuber Phil Lester came out. Though his video is a mere 7 minutes so it won’t take you as long to watch this one.