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Tall Girl Trailer Starring Sabrina Carpenter & Ava Michelle Out Now

Tall Girl Trailer Starring Sabrina Carpenter & Ava Michelle Out Now

Do you all remember the last time Netflix did a teen movie based on a character who didn’t fit in a clique? If you don’t let us remind you. It was Sierra Burges is a Loser and it was not exactly perfect. It had some major problems. Netflix hasn’t learned the lesson it seems and now is going to release another such movie in September. This time though the girl is the tallest one in school, and thankfully is not into catfishing. However, don’t take our word, we’ve only seen the trailer. Though the trailer for Tall Girl gave out the entire story, we’re not 100 percent sure the movie is catfishing safe.

Tall Girl Trailer Out Now

The trailer for Netflix new high school movie Tall Girl is now out. As the name suggests, the movie centers around a girl who’s taller than anyone else in school. A bonus though is that Sabrina Carpenter plays the role of the fairy godmother in the movie. Not literally, but she is the elder sister of the main character Jodie (Ava Michelle). Carpenter’s character ends up giving a makeover to her little ‘big’ sister.

The Plot of the Movie

Ava Michelle’s Jodi has to deal with bullying and social exclusion all her life due to her height. She’s always felt left out and find its especially hard to date. But that all changes when a new Swedish exchange student, Stig (Luke Sidner), joins her school. Jodi quickly develops a crush on Stig, whom she thinks would be the perfect boyfriend for her since he’s the only guy taller than her. Though, with any teen rom-com movie, there’s a complicated love triangle.

But Jodi always has her two best friends by her side, Grffin Gluck (Jack) and Anjelika Washington (Fareeda) and sister (Sabrina Carpenter). Slowly, Jodi (Ava Michelle) learns to realize what is more important in her life. A journey about self-love, Tall Girl aims to bring out a new unique message. Though, it’s one we’ve already seen on our screens.

Nzingha Stewart serves as the director for this coming-of-age story where a tall girl learns how to love herself and stand tall without hesitation. The movie comes on Netflix on September 13th.

You can catch the trailer below.

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