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SZA's Hit Different reminds us of True Blood's Lilith

SZA’s Hit Different reminds us of True Blood’s Lilith

Friday is here and so is the new music. While Finneas released a COVID-19-inspired

song, SZA and Ty Dolla $ign dropped their latest collaboration, Hit Different. To be honest, the song does hit differently at various parts. If you go to the comments section of SZA’s latest Instagram posts about Hit Different, you will see many appreciative comments from Megan Thee Stallion, Jordyn Woods, Justin Timberlake, and many others. However, very few have highlighted the fact that SZA is giving True Blood’s Lilith vibes in the official music video.

SZA in Hit Different was inspired by True Blood.

If you have not seen True Blood yet, you are missing a very interesting supernatural-vampire-themed HBO series. HBO took off with the first season of True Blood in 2008 and wrapped up the show after 7 seasons in 2014. It had vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, fairies, and yes, humans as well.

True Blood also featured a concept of Lilith, a fully n*ked god covered in blood. Now, if you have seen SZA & Ty Dolla $ign’s official music video of Hit Different, you couldn’t miss SZA covered in blood.

The clips of SZA covered in blood change rapidly throughout the music video. Moreover, it is also the directorial debut of SZA. Will she confirm what inspired her to cover herself in red for her music video? Only time can tell.

Good Days

The video uploaded by SZA does not just include Hit Different. It also features music video of her new track Good Days as well. Many fans got confused when one song ended and another started with completely different beats and lyrics. Initially they thought it’s a part of Hit Different. However, turned out it’s Good Days.

You can watch the whole video here.