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Cops visit Bryce Hall’s new house, trouble in paradise?

The month of August was not just a birthday month for Bryce Hall. In the first half, he partied a lot. Whereas; he had to face the consequences of those parties in the second half of August 2020. Mayor of LA ended up shutting down their electricity supply, and Sway House ended up moving to a new and secluded house. Secluded, because we have not seen much of the house yet. But it seems to be a private place, as compared to their previous houses. Bryce Hall is now back to making vlogs for his YouTube channel. And the recent one features cops visit to his new house. What has he been upto now?

Bryce Hall welcomes cops

In his latest vlog titled The Cops Came to my House.., many fans expected to see Bryce Hall using a clickbait and pulling a prank on his fans. But turns out, cops really visited the new Sway House property. At that time, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards were playing table tennis.

Bryce Hall even made a joke on “loser getting arrested” while playing table tennis. Before that, Bryce took out his ATV for a drive on the streets. He also said he might get arrested for doing so. Hence, when cops showed up outside, it did not seem like a coincidence. However, TalentX CEO Warren Lentz was also there and he confirmed that the cops were there to guide them.

One of the cops made a light joke about not knowing about the Sway Boys himself, but he was sure his daughters did know about him. He also confirmed that they are aware of what went down in previous house rented by Bryce Hall and the Sway Boys at Hollywood Hills. Adding to that, he said the cops of LAPD do not really have an issue with Bryce or any of the boys. They can live anywhere they want. However, the things that can possibly happen wherever Bryce and the boys live, can cause issues. In other words, the cops warned them off for hosting more parties or gatherings.

Bryce Hall promised the cops he will not be hosting more parties. Moreover, the cops also highlighted that there is enough space inside their new house to drive ATV. So they should keep it off the streets and do not attract more attention going onwards.

Bryce also added a special thankyou message for the cops in his vlog.

Bryce Hall

Seems like Bryce Hall is done creating drama and controversies for now.