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Stephanie Soo Exposes Nikocado Avocado In New Video

Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado Collab

Things were going on that eventually led up to the expose by Stephanie Soo. It turns out that she interacted with Nikocado during a collaboration. The collaboration was for his new mukbang video titled ’10 Packs Spicy Noodle Challenge’ with Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi.’

Little did anyone know that there was so much drama behind the scenes. Soon after the video, Nikocado posted on his Instagram:

“I’m THIS effing close to posting an exposing video. Should I? What the F is wrong with people, so rude, self-serving and inconsiderate.”

He also made a similar story post, highlighting that he has lots of “receipts and audio clips.”


Nothing happened after this. And then, suddenly Stephanie Soo came out with her video.

Stephanie shares why she is scared of Nikocado

Stephanie Soo explained how she felt manipulated by him in many ways. She stated that Nikocado would gaslight her and twist facts, following classic manipulation strategies.

Soo also states that she is usually a very private person who does not even let everyone into her house. This was because she had earlier faced a devastating situation when she was assaulted in her own house.

However, she had trusted Nikocado and felt he was her friend; inviting him over for the collab.

First, he started pressing her to talk more about the earlier Veronica Wang drama in the past. And she did open up to him about her personal interactions with Wang, as one would vent to a friend.

He even put her in the spot to talk about Wang in the collab video even when Soo clearly did not want to. She expressed growing more and more uncomfortable. Soo did not want to continue making collab videos for the next two days and decided against it, which made Nikocado quite angry.

She also clarified to him that she did not want to say anything about Veronica on the videos. He further reinstated that “why did you tell me at your house that you wanted to address this on my channel?”. After this, he posted the exposed threats on his channel causing Soo to freak out and break down. Her distress was seen on her security’s CCTV footage as well, which she shared in her video.

The fact is that she had never consented to be recorded by him and Nikocado claimed to have audio clips of her.

Nikocado’s shady behavior in her house

That’s not all. Soo even reported more details that caused her to freak out.

 At this point, my home safety is kind of in question.

When she later checked her security camera footage, she found something shady. Nikocado Avocado was seen secretly taking photographs of the inside of her house.

Stephanie had texted him that she had been “in and out of sleep” when she bailed on their collab plans. He also turned it into an inside joke, spreading it among friends and on social media. In fact, the phrase “in n out” was used to the extent that it turned into bullying.

More ‘expose’ in new video

She reiterated that he had recorded her house behind her back when she was in the restroom.

Some screenshots were also shared where Avocado was continuously spamming her DM’s. He also kept pressing her to share her feelings about Veronica Wang and how she was dragged into the drama.

She also shared a plethora of messages where Nikocado expressed his interest and curiosity in her home, security camera systems etc.

She even shared a video that was first uploaded by Nikocado, where he jokingly made fun of the “little” #MeToo Movement. He blamed it for not having sex with a person he didn’t name.

It seems that Nikocado is in the line of fire. Currently, the tussle between the two mukbangers is only growing. Lets see what it finally boils down to.