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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Didn't Tell Us Boba Fett Story But Why?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Didn’t Tell Us Boba Fett’s Story But Why?

They had a chance, it was theirs to take and yet they did not. So, what happened? We are talking about Boba Fett and his story and why Star Wars decided to leave it out in The Clone Wars animated series? Even though we did see a child version of him for a few episodes, why is it that we never got more of it? We even got to see Assaj Ventress’  story and even a story for Savage Opress, but why not him?

Boba Fett Did Not Receive A Worthy Limelight in The Clone Wars

Some would argue that we did get to see his origin story, in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. If we are going to call THAT an origin story, then we might as well call Darth Maul’s story a whole three-part novel. Probably just more than fan service, he was only a child then, and in The Clone Wars, we only saw him become a young adult. There are some stories which link him to working under Cad Bane and then becoming an adversary to him. However, these stories never saw the light of day. Boba Fett’s arc clearly is in a holding position for any future possibility, we believe.

Boba Fett is a hugely popular figure in the Star Wars Universe. Son of Jango Fett, the one whose DNA the Republic took to create its Grand Army of the Republic, should get more worthy limelight. We have already seen how Darth Maul received his unfinished story in the form of comics in Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir. So, why can’t Disney do the same kind of justice to one of the biggest characters of this franchise?

How about a miniseries or a spin-off of some sort during The Clone Wars where we get to see his time from a child to becoming an adult? How a short movie or even a live-action remake? We already know that a helmeted hunter can do well in Disney+  thanks to The Mandalorian. Perhaps it is time to give the original character the time it deserves?