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Reba McEntire returns to TV for appearance on Young Sheldon

Reba McEntire returns to TV for appearance on Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon is Big Bang Theory’s beloved prequel. The show has the attention of many and the love of millions of viewers. Ian Armitage’s adorable acting as Sheldon brings life to the show. Since its inherited following make the show so popular, TV’s Reba McEntire returns to the screens after over a decade on Young Sheldon. The Oklahoma woman takes the road to East Texas for the newest episode of Young Sheldon.

Reba McEntire guest appears on Young Sheldon

So, Reba McEntire is a country singer and songwriter by origin. She has featured in numerous TV Shows. Her own series, Reba, ran from 2001 to 2007. Since then, she has done minor roles in Malibu Country, Baby Daddy, The Neighbors, and Last Man Standing.

She’s been pretty on the low over the past years. However, one may wonder, what will Reba be playing on the Big Bang Theory Prequel.

Here’s your answer.

So, we all know of Meemaw’s (Annie Potts) latest adventure. She’s dating the school coach Dale Ballard (Craig T. Nelson). Their romance sparked when she meets with him face to face for Missy (Reagan Revord). Way to go Meemaw. Anyway, enter June. The ex-wife of Dale Ballard. She’s the ‘fun and fiery’ woman played by Reba McEntire. She befriends meemaw for her own motives. We believe meemaw is unaware of her true identity.

Fun Fact: McEntire previously headlined the WB comedy Reba, which co-starred Melissa Peterman, who plays Young Sheldon neighbor Brenda Sparks.

Connections. Although, TVLine has confirmed that there wouldn’t be a reunion of the two as the writers do not intend for them to cross paths.

Reba will feature in the episode scheduled to air on 13th February – A Boyfriend’s Ex-wife and a Good Luck Head Rub.

However, meemaw’s meeting with June isn’t the only thing to look forward to as Sheldon tries to work with college students. It’s a mandatory group project. Let’s see how that plays out.