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Spilling The Tea On Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Spilling The Tea On Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber are making headlines as the three are tangled up in a classic ‘girls versus boy’ feud. Bieber, as revealed, had been cheating on Gomez when they broke up a year ago. The two powerhouse women are also BFFs who have always supported each other and therefore, this time is not a missed opportunity.

With Gomez’s latest song release ‘Lose You To Love Me’ dropped on October 23, the drama is sizzling again!

The song is a farewell to her ‘ex-lover’, undoubtedly hinting at Bieber, with the lyrics:

“You promised the world and I fell for it, I put you first and you adored it,

Set fires to my forest, And you let it burn

I gave my all and they all know it

Then you tore me down and now it’s showing”

Soon after the track’s release, Swift gave out her love and support for Gomez on Instagram.

“This song is a perfect expression of healing & my absolute favorite song she’s put out yet. A triumph,” she wrote. “‘I love you so much.”

Recently, Taylor Swift has also been giving hints to confirm that Bieber was indeed cheating on Gomez, making the situation rather messy for now-married Justin Bieber. Clearly, the war isn’t over yet.

Before we dive into the drama, let us update you on the Swift and Bieber story!

Taylor Swift Versus Justin Bieber

This year, Taylor Swift had called out Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, for allegedly bullying her. She also claimed that he was the one behind the whole Kim & Kanye feud that dominated headlines in 2016. Allegedly, Kimye, with the help of Braun, secretly recorded a private phone call with Swift only to bully her and call her a ‘snake’ later.

Soon after which Swift wrote an ‘Open Letter to Braun’ exposing the entire incident and her side of the story.

Bieber tried to ail the heated situation by writing an open letter to Swift where he did apologize, but kept defending Braun and still accused her of ‘defacing’ his manager.

Just three months later, Bieber also recreated Swift’s post-Lasik surgery video where she freaks out over a banana. This video also came out as very offensive to Swift’s fan base.

Taylor Swift continues to support Selena Gomez

The post on Tumblr says, ‘we haven’t gotten to communicate our differences’ you cheated on her best friend and then publicly sided with the man who made revenge porn against her was she supposed to invite you over for tea??? Fuck outta here.”

Taylor liked this post meaning she is not backing out yet, and clearly, there is some unresolved business here. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up last year in March. Then, Bieber got married to Hailey Baldwin in September 2018.

Now, in her latest release, Gomez also makes a hint at Bieber moving on so quickly:

“In two months, you replaced us
Like it was easy
Made me think I deserved it
In the thick of healing, yeah”

“I wrote this song over a year ago. It’s obviously a very emotional song for me.”

Justin Bieber’s stance now

After the media pressed him to talk more about his relationship with Swift, the singer stated,

“I’m done with all that other stuff. Other people’s drama is not my drama.”