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Kim Kardashian is Over the Feud With Taylor Swift

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The Kardashian lot is popular for their attention-seeking and drama. But competing with Kim Kardashian in dissing people is practically impossible. The woman has probably had the maximum number of feuds than any other person in Hollywood. But looks like she is ready to bury the hatchet for her decade long feud with Taylor Swift. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she just spoke two words indicating that she does not care about it anymore. Although the two still are not on speaking terms, or haven’t spoken in long, it’s probably time to let the petty little things go. But well, we can’t say same in regards to her drama with Drake. And that’s because she didn’t elaborate on that whole situation but whatever the case is, it still does not look good.

Is Kim Kardashian Ready to Let Feud with Taylor Swift Finally Rest?

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have been in feud for a bit too long now. But it was recently reignited when Kanye West referred to her as a bitch in a song. Then, Kim stepped in showing videos of the two artists discussing the lyrics on phone. However, Swift denied agreeing to the ‘bitch’ word or even knowing about it. Being the person that Kim is, she took to Instagram to refer to Swift as a snake. And that’s how the entire drama unraveled and continued to reach peaks on social media.

However, Kim Kardashian seems to be letting it go for good now. While recently being on Watch What Happens Live and chatting to host Andy Cohen, Kim said that she was over it. Despite the fact that the two still don’t speak, Kim said that everybody has moved on. Later, Cohen asked Kim whether she would prefer being stuck in an elevator with Taylor Swift or Drake. But she chose Swift, and preferred to not elaborate on her feud with Drake. In fact, while talking about her other feuds including the one with her mom’s ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner, Kim added that they saw her on New Years.

What everybody might find surprising is that Kim Kardashian claims that this new year is all about positivity. And has to be drama-free because that’s their new motto.

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