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Justin Baldoni Directing Another Movie About a Dying Patient, ‘Clouds’

This article sheds light on upcoming Justin Baldoni directed the Clouds movie. Justin Baldoni shares his inspiration behind directing the movie and talks about the cast.

Jane the Virgin star and Five Feet Apart director, Justin Baldoni has taken up a new challenge. The Canadian born sensation is set to direct a new movie about a terminally ill teenager whose song inspired millions. He has named it “Clouds”. The movie’s cast includes Sabrina Carpenter and Neve Campbell.

Baldoni shares a BTS picture with the cast and crew of Clouds.

Justin Baldoni’s Inspiration behind the Clouds movie

The project is based on excerpts written in his memory by Zach’s mother. The Clouds movie revolves around Zach Sobiech, a high school kid who is diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He fought the life-threatening disease by turning to music. He came up with a song called “clouds”. The song’s name eventually became the title of the Clouds Movie. Justin Baldoni has also directed a short documentary, My Last Days, about Zach previously.

Sobiech explained in the documentary:

“Music is a way I can express myself without having to burden everyone else. My closure is being able to get my feelings into these songs so they can have something to remember me by or lean on when I [am] gone.”

Neve Campbell and Sabrina Carpenter join Justin Baldoni on his New Venture

The movie boasts an incredible cast. Total Eclipse’s Fin Argus is going to be playing the role of Zach. Meanwhile, House of Cards’ Neve Campbell will play his mother along with Tall Girl’s Sabrina Carpenter playing his best friend.


Why You Should Watch Clouds

If you are someone who seeks memorable experiences in life, watching Justin Baldoni’s Clouds, is going to be one of them.  The movie is going to be a tearjerker but I bet it will be in a good and fulfilling way.

It’s just like Five Feet Apart since it’s about someone suffering from fatal diseases. Similarly to Clouds, Five Feet Apart was also inspired by a real person (Claire Wineland) who starred in the documentary My Last Days.

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