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Selena Gomez Rare Beauty brand is going international

Rare Beauty was launched in September 2020 in limited countries including US, Mexico and Canada. It was only available at Sephora or the Rare Beauty website online. Recently, Rare Beauty made an announcement through Twitter that it will be going international! The official Twitter account said that it will soon be available in Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Selena Gomez announces the big news!

Rare Beauty posted on social media recently in which Selena Gomez was excited to announce that her brand will be going international soon. 

The video was captioned:

SAVE THE DATE: JULY 1ST, 2021. We are going global besties.

The brand also mentioned where it will be available in the near future. It mentioned that the brand’s products will be available in Sephora. Since Pakistan doesn’t have a Sephora outlet yet, the fans from Pakistan were a little bit disappointed that they might not be getting Rare Beauty products.

An Instagram user commented under the post and asked:

What about Pakistan?

The brand replied:

Working to get there soon!

Well, the fans in Pakistan should still hold on to hope!

Rare Beauty is working towards a better future

Rare Beauty is doing its corporate social responsibility as well. Looks like, the brand is aiming to raise over 100 million dollars over the next decade through the Rare Impact Fund. One percent of the sales and the funds raised by the partners of the brand will be donated to the fund which aims to increase access to mental health resources.