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Good Mythical Morning Is Guest to Jimmy Fallon’s For a Food Review

If you are a regular YouTuber there is a good chance you know who Rhett and Link are. The hosts of YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning with 21 million subscribers and five billion views, of course. These guys were invited to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show and to do what? To have a food review of course!

Jimmy Fallon and Good Mythical Morning

The stars of Good Mythical Morning (or GMM) and Jimmy Fallon grouped once before as well. That was when they tried to make their weird version of Hummus with different “food items”. Rhett and Link tried their best to make a Hummus out of Hamburg Helper, rum and Coke… and crushed bugs. We all know how that ended!

This time, however, Jimmy Fallon invited the boys to do something MUCH saner. Rhett and Link were invited to taste the new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich (Phew). The guests kept their tradition and even on The Tonight Show, they put on their blindfolds before tasting the sandwich. What was their review, you ask? Here is what Rhett and Link said:

Not a sponsor but that is a really good chicken sandwich.

Bravo Popeye’s! That must have been better than… “Worm’s Anus”.

Rhett and Link Release a New Book

Moving on, from that yet another “Rhett and Link”-ery, here is a piece of great news for you GMM fans. The duo has launched its second book called “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek”. Released in Oct 2019, the boys explain what the story is about:

“Its about two high school freshmen in 1992, small-town South learning the nice, sweet Southern facade on their town might be hiding some sinister things underneath it.”

The boys are not in the book by any chance, even though the main characters are Rex and Leif. Yup, definitely not in the book at all, Rhett and Link!

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