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Is Ryland Adams Only Using Shane Dawson For His Fame?

Ryland Adams has stepped up to address the rumors circulating his relationship with boyfriend Shane Dawson and has cleared that he is not using him.

It looks like YouTube is always full of unimaginable drama. From YouTube stars slamming one another to having petty little feuds, no YouTuber is allowed to live in peace. Especially, the ones with great number of subscribers like Shane Dawson. Dawson and his longtime boyfriend Ryland Adams recently became the target of public speculation and false rumors. Apparently, people constantly accuse Ryland of using Shane simply for his fame.

With Dawson’s new much anticipated conspiracy series out, and now people raising serious questions about the status of his relationship, the American YouTuber seems to be having a lot going on. But Ryland has stepped up to defend himself. He wants to clear out any misconceptions people might have regarding their relationship.

Ryland Adams Decides To Address All Rumors Together…

Ryland Adams made a YouTube video titled ‘Addressing the Rumors’ as he grabbed breakfast in a car one day and had to pick up his sister Morgan Adams from the dentist. What the YouTuber basically did was clarify all the assumptions that he got on his Q/A session on Instagram. It included everything from him being gay to his relationship with Shane Dawson. Apparently, somebody had posted saying that he used Shane for his videos even if he knew it was not okay. Adams added that he got this so much in his comments and posts with people accusing him or using and exploiting Shane.

Ryland put the situation straight claiming that Shane was the person who encouraged him to become a YouTuber in the first place. Shane likes to help him with thumbnails because he genuinely wants everyone he loves to be successful. Once Ryland is done with the video Shane uses his life experience of almost 10 years to come up with interesting thumbnails and engaging titles.

Ryland Adams Channel is Based on his Life!

Other YouTubers such as Shane Dawson, Superwoman, PewDiePie or Keemstar have YouTube channels having content that is based on either skits or critiquing others’ content. But Ryland Adams prefers to have content that is based on his personal life. And his personal life consists a lot of Shane, because he’s his significant other. Hence, he doesn’t use Shane Dawson for views but just to showcase his audience his real and personal life.

The Two Have a Healthy Relationship

He moved on to address the assumption that he was jealous of Shane’s success. Adams said that he never understood this part. The YouTuber firmly stated that they were in a healthy relationship wishing the very best of success for one another. He added that when they are planning a structured life together ahead, Shane’s win was a win for him too. Both of brought something different to the table. But they were grateful for what the other did!

Ryland Adams also mentioned that he was not using Shane for his money because he himself was working and earned good. Not just that, but he also pictured getting married and having kids with Shane Dawson.

Are Ryland Adams And Shane Dawson Happy With One Another?

Well, honestly, the answer seems yes. Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have been involved since 2016. But the pair kept their relationship a secret till 2018 when Dawson finally revealed who he was dating. Shane revealed the relationship on his channel saying,

It feels like I’ve been hiding such a huge part of my life recently and I don’t want to do that anymore. So here it goes. This is Ryland. He’s sweet, caring and makes me so incredibly happy. He’s also my boyfriend. 

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, author, sketch, comedian and even a media personality. He was one of the first few people to rise to fame on YouTube and has maintained a strong online presence ever since. In 2015, he started doing conspiracy videos which became one of his most-viewed videos online. In 2017. Dawson did his own docuseries in which he reconciled with his father. Shane is also popular for his series on Jeffree Star and the very controversial Jake Paul.

Ryland Adams is an actor and director who also became a YouTuber later. The Clevver Now host has worked in TV series that include Shane, Chaos Wolves, and Grace Frace. He even directed the TV miniseries Utubular. Now Adams has quit hosting and majorly is involved in creating videos for his YouTube channel. But he plans to get back to hosting when he has has a more structured life with children and his partner.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams seem to be doing good. Let’s see what comes their way now!