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Rita Moreno Stirring Condition To be in 'One Day At A Time'

Rita Moreno Stirring Condition To be in ‘One Day At A Time’

Rita Moreno is ready to perform in the third season of ‘One Day At A Time’ Sitcom but on a  surprising Condition.

Rite Moreno At Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fans are thrilled to watch the lively entry of Rita Moreno 87 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Where she talks about the conditions to join the popular sitcom, ‘One Day At A Time’.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!  welcomed ‘The King and I’ fame Rita Moreno on January 31. She talked to her fans a few days before the telecast of the third season of her signature Netflix comedy  One Day at a Time.

‘One day at a time’ is, in fact, a module of Norman Lear’s sitcom 1975-84 of the same name.

In both seasons, Moreno fitly played a devoted mother as well as a grandmother. Lydia is spending a peppy life with her daughter and two grandchildren.

The Condition For Joining The Show

Surprisingly, Rita put an unusual condition for joining the upcoming third season of the show. Yes, the 87 years old actress wants to portray a witty yet sexy grandmother in the next season of ‘One Day At A Time’. the makers are hence all agreed to accept the sizzling request

Rita Mareno told Jimmy Kimmel,

“When I spoke to Norman on the phone [before filming], I said, ‘There is one condition and if it’s not met then maybe we don’t work together.’ I said, ‘I know she’s an older woman. I know she’s a grandma, but she has to be sexual.’”

The third season of ‘One Day At A Time’ will premiere February 8 on Netflix. Rita is quite impressed with her character.

According to a valid source, Rita commented about her role, Rita Moreno, in fact, says,

“I love the character I play because she is really a diva. She’s so dramatic, so theatrical.”

Rita Moreno Talks About West Side Story, Electric Company And Her Meeting With Donald Trump

Moreover, Kimmel also revealed that Rita once resided on the world-famous ‘Life Magazine’ cover page, back in 1954. Furthermore, Rita revived her Electric Company days and West Side Story on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show.