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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams Further Expose Defy Media

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It’s been a while since we got to see Shane Dawson expose someone and talk about conspiracies. But this time, on his boyfriend Ryland Adams’ channel we saw the duo expose possibly the most hated company on Youtube these days: Defy Media. The reason for them to speak up on the issue was that Ryland Adams used to work for Clevver News which came under the umbrella of Defy Media. When Ryland Adams left Clevver News, he had to reluctantly accept an unfair agreement with Defy Media. When Defy Media shut down a few weeks ago, hundreds of employees including from the channels Clevver News and Smosh lost their jobs. People like Ryland Adams didn’t receive the money that was rightfully theirs.

Defy Media Shutting Down

Defy Media was originally called Alloy Media. After a merger with Break Media in 2013, the company became Defy Media. Their focus was on creating online content for people ranging from ages 12 to 34. However, due to severe financial problems, the company suddenly shut down without informing their hundreds of employees in a timely manner.

YouTubers like Ryland Adams were forced to partner up with an MCN (multi-channel network) that’s under Defy Media, who would take a percentage of his earnings of YouTube. But as Shane Dawson explains in the video, these media companies mostly act as a cleric. YouTubers get money from YouTube, but YouTube sends the cheques to Defy Media who then take their percentage of it before handing it to the YouTubers. But this time they didn’t give them the money that was rightfully theirs.

I should have gotten my check three day before they folded as a company but instead they chose to not pay us out and then flop so that all the YouTubers that are under them, all their money could go towards their debt as a company allegedly.

Defy Media Never Treated their Employees Well

Ryland Adams opened up about how he was threatened to never make a video on why he really left Clevver. Defy made it abundantly clear to him that they would sue him if he exposed them in any way what so ever. But, now since the company shut down, he opened up. The YouTuber said that he never got a chance to truly grow creatively while he was working at Clevver.

They weren’t letting me progress like they were letting everyone else progress.

Other YouTubers Screwed Over

Shane Dawson mentioned a YouTuber working for Clevver News: Lily Marston. She was working for them and doing a whole lot. But they didn’t pay her a fair amount. She was working on video ideas, making the videos and even editing them. But ended up getting a minuscule percentage of the earnings of her channel under Defy Media. Shane Dawson expressed anger and at these huge media companies who take advantage over small hard working content creators on YouTube.

Anthony Padilla opened up about Defy Media shutting down as well. He talked about how they even tried to steal his personal Twitter account after he left the company. Anthony said that the Defy executives tried to exclude him from meetings to pitch ideas for new shows. They even forced Smosh to reluctantly launch a $250,000 Indiegogo campaign for an app that never came to fruition.

All in all, Defy media heavily screwed over young content creators on YouTube. They have no public statement yet regarding all of this. But fortunately these YouTubers are suing them for money that was rightfully theirs. Ryland Adams stated that he is going to as well. But he was busy evacuating due to ferocious Woolsey fires that have affected many lives. Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are not back in Calabasas but they are safe. The first part of the video focused on the devastation caused by the California fires.

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