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Ryan Reynolds’ and Other Celebrities Tribute to Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds passed away at the age of 82 and popular celebrities including Ryan Reynolds paid tributes to the late actor.

As Burt Reynolds passed away yesterday, almost all popular celebrities paid their respects to the late actor. But as heartfelt as each of those were, none could come close to the tribute paid by Ryan Reynolds.

Tribute By Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds paid the tribute to his former friend in his own different yet typical way. He posted two pictures on Twitter together. One of Burt Reynolds in his famous naked bearskin rug picture. And the other one of himself in the Deadpool costume but same pose. He commented along with it saying that Burt did it first, better and naked.

Ryan Reynolds’ posts went viral quickly online. He got more than one million likes on Instagram. And over 100,000 likes on Twitter. Some fans are using this tribute to Burt Reynolds as an opportunity to challenge Ryan Reynolds to recreate the picture exactly as it is. While many fans are desperately waiting for the Deadpool actor to appear naked in the same pose, others are trolling him by commenting that Burt Reynolds was his dad. Although, he wasn’t and the two just shared a common last name.

Other Tributes Paid To Burt Reynolds

Numerous other actors are utilizing social media platforms to pay their tributes to the late Burt Reynolds. Sally Field, who costarred with Burt in Smokey and the Bandit, released a statement soon after his death. She wrote that some times in life are so indelible that they never fade away. They stay alive even as many as forty years later. She added that her times with Burt Reynolds never leave her mind. And that he will be in her history and heart for as long as she lives.

Mark Wahlberg who costarred with him in Boogie Nights posted saying Rest in Peace to a legend and to a friend. Sylvester Stallone said that Burt’s death was a sad day. While remembering him, he said that he had a great sense of humor and he enjoyed his company a lot.

In a tweet, Dolly Parton wrote that the world was mourning one of the most favorite leading men. And that everyone would remember the mischievous sparkle in his eyes and his funny laugh. Arnold Schwarzenegger also posted a touching tribute on Twitter saying that Burt Reynolds was a hero, trailblazer, and his transition from being an athlete to the world’s highest paid actor inspired everyone.

A lot many popular actors also added their respects to Burt Reynolds. His death is surely a great loss for the industry.