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Why is Everyone Obsessed With Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo who rose to fame after Netflix's rom-com To All The Boys I've Loved Before is everyone's obsession but what is it really?

Netflix’s latest teen movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has given everyone some cliche entertainment. Not just that, but a lot of reasons to obsess over it. And one of them includes the star Noah Centineo who quickly rose to fame becoming everyone’s eye candy.

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Who Is Noah Centineo?

Noah Centineo or the popular Internet boyfriend was somehow discovered by accident. The name has never had a break ever since he starred in rom-com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. He appears as the charming Peter Kavinsky, the popular high school lacrosse player who not only won over the female lead by Lana Condor. And not only her, but millions of other Netflix subscribers who just can not get over how cute Noah Centineo was.

It might be strange that an actor who has been in the industry for almost over 14 years now was never really known before this. Even saying that this movie was a breakout moment for Noah Centineo would be an understatement. He himself claimed that it added more than millions of followers to his Instagram. And only in just a few days after the movie started streaming. Considering that America’s latest crush has been doing roles since his teen years, but only got popular is all evidence that his discovery was accidental.

Where Does The Obsession With Noah Centineo Come From?

Probably one reason that everyone is so obsessed with Noah Centineo is the role he played. For years, people have dreamed of the boy that is perfect in every sense. His looks are just on point. And the super hot heart throb is also caring, compassionate, and is just the right amount of sensitive. But not just that, he can be badass when needed. To top it all off, he has the dreamy eyes you were looking for. That’s the description of the character of Peter Kavinsky that Noah Centineo plays.

Looks like the dreams our entire generation had ever since day one are now coming true. He’s the ultimate girl crush of every rom-com movie. And honestly speaking, all rom-com movies have purposefully created dreamy characters like Noah Centineo to raise our expectations to unrealistic standards. And when the actor comes out equally great in real life just like Noah Centineo is, girls usually just go nuts. Now that people have such high hopes from love, and partners owing to these romantic movies, it’s impossible to settle for less in real life. What makes it worse is that these demands and expectations do not let people have flaws in real life. Every regular person is assumed to be a flawlessly perfect as the crush in the movie.

He’s Just a Fantasy

These characters just exist on screens. No person in real life can have perfect personalities like the characters Noah portrays. It’s not the film makers’ fault either, the audience wants to see a perfect hero and heroine on the screens. But it’s just a fantasy that we are addicted to. Just like girls being insecure of themselves on not being the perfect size as these Hollywood actresses are, guys might be insecure of not being the perfect modern Romeo’s that girls swoon over. With all complexities removed, it’s easier for the audience to relate to these heroes. So the nice cute guy that Noah Centineo was and people fell in love with is actually really rare to find and that’s okay.

Noah Centineo might be an amazingly cute person in real life as well with a great personality, but maybe his flaws are something we don’t see.