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Tyler Joseph – The Millennial Genius of Music

When we talk about pop or rock we are obviously talking about Tyler Joseph. For the uninitiated (if any) Joseph is an American singer, writer, lyricist, rapper, musician, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and songwriter. He rose to fame with the covers of his band of two, Twenty One Pilots.

Since then he established a place for himself in the industry. He is the lead vocalist of his band alongside drummer Josh Dun. The duo has produced five studio albums ever since 2009.

Brilliance of Tyler Joseph

Joseph’s band Twenty One Pilots is often in headlines for sensationally topping charts. Most of the covers of the band’s albums are written by Tyler himself. They are not only indicative of euphonious finesse, but also give an idea of the pensive input involved in their making. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the lyrics of Joseph’s covers are simply bewitching. They make people ponder over the reason for their lives and aid them in serving this purpose better. 

Relatability in his music

Tyler Joseph reigns supreme in all categories, whether it’s creativity, melodic subtlety, or meaningful lyrics. His works are simply pieces of art. Tyler’s songs are for everyone, he does not rap out all his lyrics, in fact, every time he chooses a different medium to intone out his heart. He touches upon topics that convey absolute originality. The lyrics mold the world around him into a completely different sphere, a sphere not easily visible to us.

Writing about things that matter, Tyler’s originals sneak light out of the gloomiest of voids and bringing about an unexampled sense of escapism. Several of his fans in their testimonials have expressed that they found their way out of their depressive states via the salving potential of Tyler’s tracks.

While Eminem may rap better, owing to a superior flow of words; Tyler brings such versatility to the table that allows him to simply stand out. When he launches into his wildly dynamic stage, the special effects add a zestful touch to his show, and these elements combine to give a performance unforgettable and exhilarating.

Tyler’s parts more colloquially known as ‘Schizoid Pop’, are a fusion of ballad-like piano, cheery ukulele riffs, atmospheric synchrony, and reggae-influenced bass lines. To make it even better they are braced by Dun’s remarkably multi-talented drumming and Joseph’s multi-genre vocals. When he stands behind the mike, he articulates and howls his way through the lyrics bloated with sentiments. It’s easy to recognize why so many people identify with the band and its genre-bending music.

The success of Twenty One Pilots

Tyler’s works are an emotional roller-coaster, in his album, Blurryface Tyler elegantly personifies a character and tailors it into his tracks to battle his inner demons.  With black make-up smeared all over his face, Tyler was indeed mindful of how his track would bespeak itself live, and that he would have to live this character until it actually dies. The charts are also, very frequently, indicative of Tyler’s illustrious career. In 2016 his rockers Stressed Out, Heathens and Ride topped the charts for straight 52 weeks, and for the same tracks, his band received 5 Grammy nominations; winning one of them.

Joseph is really breaking barriers. And he’s already impressed us again with the few songs he released from his new album Trench. The different crossovers in terms of style and genre of music are what really draw the audience towards him. Not many artists are able to do that, one moment you’re listening to rap with bass, and the next you’re listening to Tyler strum chords on a ukulele or reggae. It catches you so off guard and somehow he puts all the elements so well that they always sound good.

At the moment Tyler is very committed to his band, he does not see for himself a solo music career, in fact, the idea of expanding his band is something he is contemplating on. Given all that we know about him, Tyler is unarguably the Millennial genius of music.