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Ricky Dillon Will Have Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams as Guests on His New Series

Ricky Dillon has teased his upcoming series and his special guests are none other than Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.

The popular YouTuber Ricky Dillon has an upcoming new series. And he has been teasing the new project for quite some time now. But what’s probably the most exciting part about it is that his first special guests are Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.

Dillon has revealed some details about his series, and some experiences from filming with Dawson. And undoubtedly, they are all hyping things up. The series is not out yet and might be in little time now. But fans are excited, and definitely waiting for this one.

Ricky Dillon Announces Shane Dawson as the Special Guest for New Series

Dillon took to Twitter to express that he will be kicking off his new series with the first video featuring Shane Dawson as the special guest. Could there be a better way? Probably not.

Dillon is very excited and can not wait. His fans probably can’t either. But Ricky Dillon added that he was at Playlist this weekend, and he’ll upload the video once he gets back. The YouTuber also thanked fans for being patient with him because his videos are delayed.

Although we don’t know much about the content of his new series, or other special guests, one of his tweets claim that Colleen Ballinger will also be one of the guests on his videos.

Ricky Dillon Shares Some Filming Experiences With Shane Dawson

Ricky Dillon also updated his fans about the experiences he had while filming with Dawson. He shared that filming went great, and he couldn’t wait to share the video with the world. But he took time to publicly announce that Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams were the best people in the world. And Dillon claimed that he literally had a two-hour therapy session with them. The three talked about life, and Dillon almost cried but it was great to open up.

Ricky Dillon also shared a picture of himself with a mug that he found in Dawson’s washroom. It was a mug with Dillon’s picture on it. And well, Shane has to explain what that is about!

Before he filmed with Shane Dawson, he made a tweet announcing that it will happen tonight. But he also referred to Dawson as his father.

That’s pretty much everything he has shared, but we are hoping the video will be out very soon now.

Ricky Dillon is an American YouTuber who has amassed over 3.3 million followers on his channel. His famous books include Follow Me: A Memoir in Challenges and his prominent acting jobs include Trolls. 

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber who was one of the first few people to get prominent on the platform. And has maintained the status ever since. He is known for his works with YouTubers like Jake Paul and Jeffree Star. And his new conspiracy series has been the most talked thing on the internet recently.