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Ricky Dillon Edited YouTube Rewind 2018 To Just Represent Shane Dawson

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The YouTube community pretty much unanimously agrees that Shane Dawson is the king of YouTube, at least in 2018. It’s because of how his iconic docuseries has transformed the platform on a fundamental level. He delves deep into any topic and shows the amazing potential of what YouTube can be. It’s not just entertaining content, but something that moves the audience deeply. Just check out what he did with Tanacon, Jeffree Star and even Jake Paul. But surprisingly, he was not even featured in YouTube Rewind 2018. It’s probably why it’s the second most disliked video on YouTube, despite just coming out a few days ago. Read more on why YouTube Rewind 2018 sucked. So, a dear friend and loyal fan of Shane Dawson’s edited the whole video to represent the king of YouTube himself. Ricky Dillon is proud to present to you “YouTube Rewind but it’s only Shane Dawson”.

Ricky Dillon has hilariously and ingeniously edited Shane Dawson’s face onto every YouTuber and celebrity featured in the YouTube Rewind 2018. Though, it’s not the real Shane himself, the video itself is still a pleasant watch for Shane’s fans.

And, Shane Dawson took notice of this and was just as surprised as we were. He found it hilarious though!

Maybe next time the producers of YouTube Rewind will realize that what people really need was just Shane Dawson himself. Now, it’s only a matter of time before someone creates a similar version featuring PewDiePie who’s also made headlines this years. His battle with T-Series rages on as things get crazier and crazier.

Check out the video Ricky Dillon so graciously made for us and tell us what you’re favorite part!

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